NASCAR: F1 Champion Kimi Raikkonen Ends His Day at Watkins Glen Early After Wreck with Austin Dillon

by Jonathan Howard

What a disappointing finish for former F1 Champion Kimi Raikkonen in the NASCAR Cup Series race at Watkins Glen. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Kimi has no intentions of racing again in stock cars, and it ended with a wreck on Lap 48. That Trackhouse Racing garage has some real magicians in their crew because all of these cars are fast on the road. Even the No. 91 had some great runs.

We will forever ask what could have been. Kimi Raikkonen was running well on the day. He finished P19 at the end of Stage 1, and then for a lot of the second stage, the F1 champ was running in the top 10. He had a different tire strategy than many other drivers. However, he was running fast and proving that he was a master behind the wheel – any wheel.

Check out the wreck below. It seems that we see Ross Chastain get into Dillon and that leads to the Raikkonen wreck as well.

We were wondering if Kimi Raikkonen was going to get a good bump or two. Well, he did. He now knows what it feels like to spin out in a Next Gen car. Project 91 wanted to see how far they could push this. If a wreck was going to happen, I’m sure they would have liked to see it happen while battling in the final laps of the race.

Still, when you get up and run laps in the top group during your first NASCAR race ever, in the rain – that’s special. Maybe this disappointing finish will give us another chance to see Kimi on a NASCAR track. Champions don’t go out so easily.

Kimi Raikkonen Done Early at Rainy Watkins Glen

By the time Kimi Raikkonen was wrecked, the track was more or less dry. The cars had driven around plenty of times, moving water around with each lap. Then the sun came out and did what it does best. Seeing the F1 Champion race so well early on in this race was something to see. Unfortunately, this will likely be thrown into the bin with other failed attempts from drivers outside of NASCAR.

If you are a Trackhouse fan, this has to give you a lot of confidence in your team. We know that Chastain and Daniel Suárez are good on road courses. But to get that 91 car into the top 10 on green laps – that’s a huge accomplishment. There is going to be a bit of a letdown, but a lot of positive momentum for the next driver that takes the wheel of the Project 91 Chevy.

Were you impressed with the performance, Outsiders? Or was this just a shoulder shrug at best?