NASCAR Fan Wins Almost $1 Million on Four-Leg Parlay at Daytona

by Jonathan Howard

Some people have all of the luck. This NASCAR fan took a four-leg parlay to the moon on a bet worth less than $15 and it’s every bettor’s envy. When you turn thirteen dollars and some change into almost a million bucks – well that’s a good day of betting. This wasn’t a wild 30-part parlay either, just four legs. But they sure were long shots.

In case you didn’t notice, four drivers in the top 10 of today’s Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona had season-best performances. Landon Cassill, B.J. McLeod, Cody Ware, and David Ragan all had amazing finishes due to 20 DNFs at Daytona.

NASCAR Parlay Hits Big

Apollo himself must have sent this prophecy to this bettor because there is no way anyone saw these four drivers all landing top-10 finishes. Here’s the ticket to prove it. FanDuel is gonna take a bath on this one.

If they had predicted Cassill to earn a top-5 finish, then this parlay could have really popped off. They might have actually broken the $1,000,000 mark. This payout is one of the biggest that you will see, and the odds of it happening are even more wild. Three of these four drivers before today had combined for just 2 top 10 finishes in 517 career starts. Ragan has raced sparingly in the last five years as well.

There just aren’t many bets you could make that top this one. This is what makes NASCAR parlays and racing betting in general, so exciting. You can get these wild odds and payouts. On a day that was all about Austin Dillon and the playoffs bubble drivers — it’s nice that these four drivers didn’t have their best race of the year for nothing.

Austin Dillon Wins at Daytona

While it is great to see these four drivers have a great day of racing, none had a better day than Austin Dillon. When the big wreck happened, Dillon made it out of there unscathed. Not just that, he went from 15th to 1st in the blink of an eye. This was the big break that about half a dozen other drivers were looking for throughout the day and the proverbial skies just happened to part for him. Even if the real clouds closed up and rained at that moment.

After more than three hours of a rain delay, the race was back on. Dillon had to earn his way into the playoffs the old-fashioned way. No weather wins today. The No. 3 team put together a great race to finish the afternoon in Daytona. Dillon is on his way to the playoffs, and we have the full field of 16 set.

So, who is your favorite heading into the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs?