NASCAR Fans Had a Total Meltdown Trying to Figure Out How to Watch the Coke Zero Sugar 400

by Patrick Norton

For those actively paying attention to the race, it’s on CNBC. However, if you’re reading this after the conclusion of today’s event at Daytona, it was on CNBC. Fans are furious with NASCAR’s coverage of the Coke Zero Sugar 400, but not with the broadcast itself. The frustration stems from the inability to find the race in the television’s guide.

After yesterday’s postponement due to inclement weather, NBC dropped carriage to the network’s business channel, CNBC. With little time between postponement and today’s green flag, many viewers were not aware of the shift. Causing massive confusion, plenty of folks chimed in on social media to express their displeasure with the process.

One fan expressed disappointment with the decision to give the race the boot for game show reruns. For Chris, he questions if CNBC exists within his catalog, how this impacts NASCAR’s viewership, and who chose R, S, T, L, N and E as the free letters in the final round of Wheel of Fortune.

Another fan cried for help as he failed to find the race’s broadcast. However, the upset audience member is hardly to blame. When a helping-hand responds with CNBC, the fan mentions the channel is carrying the local news in his home state of Arizona.

Additionally, CNBC’s coverage of the race itself provided plenty of glitches and mishaps. Another viewer of the race asks the void if anybody else is experiencing issues, or if the problem lies solely with Xfinity’s cable. However, Sean was not the only fan experiencing hardship, lending credence to his blaming of the network.

Outsider’s Own Marty Smith Asks for Help in Finding NASCAR

When an authority in NASCAR coverage like Marty Smith is asking for help, it’s time for some serious reflection by NBC. Two minutes after the commencement of the event at Daytona, Smith asked Twitter for an answer on the broadcasting channel.

Many fans jumped into his replies calling for alternative options in the future. Some suggest FOX carries the entirety of the season while others long for the days of NASCAR occupying airtime on FOX, NBC and ESPN without bumping to secondary networks on short notice.

So Outsiders, what’s your fix for this glaring issue as the regular season comes to an exciting close?