NASCAR Fans React to 2023 Cup Series Schedule

by Jonathan Howard

The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series schedule is out and fans are weighing in. There isn’t a lot of change, but enough to make things interesting. We will see a return to a lot of fan favorites and of course, a couple of new additions. The Chicago Street Race and North Wilkesboro All-Star Race are probably the two most notable.

However, nothing can come out online without some reactions. Fans are happy, some are upset, and a few just don’t really know how to feel but they know they need to express that opinion online. So, let’s get into some of those takes, Outsiders.

Is the NASCAR Schedule Controversial?

When you look at modern NASCAR, there is one thing that has left and we might not get it back – the night races. There aren’t many of them now. Bristol is the only exception where each race is run as a night race. This season, there were multiple instances at tracks where time became an issue as the sun went down and there were no lights to illuminate the track.

That’s got some folks feeling down.

Sometimes, you count your losses, and take what you can get. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know?

Now, this isn’t technically a fan reaction, JR Houston is an engineer with 23XI Racing. But his meme game was too on point not to include in these reactions. Just like the brand new iPhone every year, you can count on consistency above most things in NASCAR when it comes to the schedule. However, we do have some great aesthetic changes that are sure to win fans over.

2023 Highlights

The truth of the matter is that NASCAR is very excited about the 2023 schedule. Perhaps the excitement comes from next season being the 75th anniversary of NASCAR. Folks are excited to go back into the past, return to Wilkesboro, and make some moves to expand the sport.

Last year, the big test was the L.A. Coliseum for the Busch Light Clash. That exhibition was entertaining and well organized, and even the racing was interesting despite the minuscule track size. This year, it’s the Chicago Street Race. One move at a time, NASCAR will tweak the schedule and see what works.

For those wanting major changes, it’s likely not going to come, at least not soon. NASCAR has been careful with the schedule changes after making mistakes in the past. Slowly but surely, the schedule is evolving.