NASCAR Fans React to Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch Disqualification, Chase Elliott Becoming Winner at Pocono

by Jonathan Howard

Absolutely shocking news that Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch were disqualified after the M&M’s Fan Appreciation 400. Fans are losing it online. These things just don’t happen. Sometimes, a smaller team will get a DQ after a P28 finish or something. However, seeing the top two finishers taken out of a race is not something you see. It’s been close to two decades since a situation like this arose.

Fans of Hamlin, Busch, JGR, and more have weighed in on the news. It’s caused a firestorm throughout NASCAR Twitter as one might expect.

Let the Mickey Mouse comments flood in. Because you knew they were coming as soon as Chase Elliott was made the winner.

There are going to be fans that are in denial. Some that are angry. Others are going through a whole lot of other emotions as well. What we can all agree on, this is just a bonkers moment in a season full of moments. How about fans that don’t like Elliott or Hamlin? This is a hard day for them. Joy, but disappointment. The duality of man.

Oh yeah, this is the Dawsonville Pool Room sending off that sireen once again. Elliott now has three wins and two runners-up in the last five races. Just a wild streak that would have been great even without the third win today. They might have to replace that siren before it’s all said and done this season.

The Results Are In – Ross Chastain Beat Denny Hamlin

We all thought that Ross Chastain was dumped by Denny Hamlin and that was the payback. There have been dustups with the two this season. That’s for sure. However, this was the moment we were all waiting for. We all wanted to see this showdown and we got it. Hamlin won…seemingly.

Now, if we look at the results, as Eric here points out, Hamlin actually lost to Chastain today.

This was an absolutely awesome race today. Fans got a hotly contested race, with a great pit stop battle, and then the curve ball. Disqualifications for the winner and P2? Just insanity. We don’t get many days like this in NASCAR, but this will be something that Hamlin and his fans remember for a long time.