NASCAR Fans React to Jeff Gordon’s Recent News

by Chase Thomas

The NASCAR Cup Series continues on this week in Atlanta. Indeed, the next race will take place at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday afternoon. Interestingly enough, a NASCAR legend will be in the booth as an analyst for the race. That man is none other than NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon.

NASCAR reporter Bob Pockrass broke the news about Gordon returning to the analyst spot in a guest role. Fans poured in all sorts of comments. One fan wrote, “Oh boy Jeff and Clint together again.” Another fan wrote, “Where is Tony? Really enjoyed him in the booth at the 500.” The vast majority liked that Gordon would be returning to the booth next weekend.

Still, questions remain for fans about the future of the booth. Will Tony Stewart ever return? Could Gordon stay on longer? Is Danica Patrick long for the booth as well? Fans are split and curious about the plan on FOX for the broadcast team long-term.

NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon Stays Busy

Gordon was a legend on the track, now he is trying to be one off the track as well. Gordon is the vice chairman now of Hendrick Motorsports. After a brilliant career on the NASCAR circuit, he has transitioned out of that.

The NASCAR legend told the Sports Business Journal,“When I look at my own career, I love how we had a combination of B2B and product sponsors that tied into Hendrick Automotive Group, but also Pepsi that was a big brand that was pushing you as an athlete and team and reaching out to a broader fan base.” He loved racing, but he loved the business side of things. He was thinking about that when he was still driving for the team. He added, “When I look at NASCAR when we were really hitting on all eight cylinders, you had sponsors that were contributing to that.”

Gordon loved that Pepsi pushed him as a driver. It was a major brand, a brand that ended up pushing him to be a better racer because of it.

Kyle Larson in The Indy 500?

What about Kyle Larson? Gordon wants the team to venture out a bit. To race different cars in different leagues. He added about Larson, “we’re open to it, but we’d like to at least discuss as a group what makes the most sense — this is the priority here, and if he went to drive in the Indy 500, we’d want to make sure we’re supporting it, embracing it and excited about it because we think both can be done well.” If Larson is going to make that attempt, Gordon wants the team to help it go correctly.

Things are changing in the sport. Things are changing with the team. He concluded, “We have to be prepared where motorsports and NASCAR is headed. It’s our bread and butter and what we love, but at the same time we love cars and we’re a company that has a culture of performance, cars and racing … and if the right opportunity comes along to do something with [ General Motors] in addition to NASCAR, we would absolutely be open minded.”

You can listen to Jeff Gordon on the call on Sunday afternoon.