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NASCAR Fans Slam FOX for Overload of Commercials During Daytona 500

by Jonathan Howard
Alex Bowman leads the Daytona 500
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

NASCAR fans are excited for the Daytona 500 but FOX has been letting viewers down. They’re sick of commercials and are saying it. I think folks understand that commercial-free races just aren’t going to happen. But this is a little ridiculous.

In the day and age of split-screen ads on TV, why does NASCAR make viewers miss out on the action because of advertisers? It’s starting to be a problem. Even in the first stage alone, there were multiple instances of important developments happening during commercials.

One of those moments was when Bubba Wallace hit the wall from second place. Martin Truex Jr. got into the rear of Bubba and put him in the wall for a second. It caused Wallace to pit again because he needed to replace his tires.

Folks didn’t appreciate missing out on information. This fan doesn’t even want FOX to have their media rights renewed.

Other NASCAR fans had harsh words for the broadcast, too.

NASCAR Fans Want to Watch Daytona 500, Not Commercials

Everywhere on Twitter, fans complained. You should see the replies to the NASCAR tweets on FOX’s accounts. It’s getting bad. If there was a physical representation of this social media unrest, it would be an angry mob.

We want 500 miles of racing. NASCAR is about the action on the track. No one cares about commercials. There are enough sponsors on the cars and everywhere else at the track. Why would they skip half the first stage to show us the same ads over and over?

If it wasn’t for Twitter and guys like Bob Pockrass and Jeff Gluck at the race track, fans wouldn’t know what was happening. We don’t know if there is a pass, a wreck, or what. It’s hard enough to keep up with while it’s on TV, but when there are five-minute breaks every few moments, it’s hard to watch.

Fans were thanking the live tweeters for their assistance.

FOX has to change things because fans are absolutely livid about this Daytona 500. This isn’t just a few people making noise, this is a LOT of people feeling like they are being taken advantage of.

As the race moves on, it seems to be getting better. But the early going was really tough. Fans are going to hope to see this race and all of the important moments between the green flag and the checkered flag.