NASCAR Fans Weren’t Happy With Danica Patrick in Phoenix: Here’s Why

by Amy Myers

Earlier this month, NASCAR racer Danica Patrick stepped out of the driver seat and into the broadcasting booth for the first time in a long time. But after her comments at Phoenix Raceway, fans aren’t quite so sure about her role as a commentator.

Last Sunday, at the Penzoil 400, Patrick sat in with Clint Bowyer and Mike Joy to broadcast the race and discuss her own experiences. She meshed well with her two colleagues and according to many NASCAR fans, she brought a new perspective to the conversation. On Twitter, her fans sang her praises, noting how well she carried herself behind the mic.

“I need FOX to give Danica Patrick a mic more often. She’s good, insightful, and absolutely will not stick to the narrative the producers are coaching her to push,” one fan tweeted.

Another commented, “Seeing Danica Patrick again is a breath of fresh air. She’s sure to be a great presence in the #NASCARonFOX booth and work well alongside Joy & Bowyer.”

With all of the feedback she received from her fanbase, it’s no wonder Patrick was excited to do it again this weekend at Phoenix. But the response was not as positive. According to NASCAR fans, Danica Patrick focused way too heavily on IndyCar racing and how NASCAR compares to it. But after so many times that she brought up the topic, fans grew tired of hearing about it.

“Indy Car this, Indy Car that… Danica this is #NASCAR,” one fan wrote.

Several others suggested joked that they should create a drinking game out of the conversation, telling others to “Take a drink every time Danica says INDY!”

Will Danica Patrick Continue Broadcasting NASCAR Races?

Eventually, Clint Bowyer courteously reminded Patrick that this was NASCAR, not IndyCar to help curb the conversation back to more relevant topics. Patrick seemed to take the hint and they got back on track – pun intended.

Even though this wasn’t Danica Patrick’s first experience in the NASCAR broadcasting booth, it’s not nearly as natural a role as when she’s behind the wheel. As a fairly new commentator, she’s going to make mistakes, just like anyone in a new position would. While the latest comments about Patrick weren’t glowing, that doesn’t mean she’s going to give up her seat beside Bowyer and Joy.

In fact, she’s looking forward to the next opportunity, whenever that may be.

“If I wasn’t excited to do it, I wouldn’t do it,” she told FOX. “I enjoy doing it. It’s really fun.”

Hopefully, for fans of Danica Patrick, this isn’t the last time we hear from her in the broadcasting booth. But perhaps, in the future, she’ll keep the conversation to how things happen in NASCAR.