NASCAR: Goodyear Named Title Sponsor of Darlington Throwback Race in May

by Jonathan Howard

This year, once again NASCAR and Goodyear are teaming up for the Darlington Throwback Weekend Cup race. This is one of those fun races where NASCAR shows off old designs on new cars. Even the tire designs are a throwback. So, it’s great that a company that is so deeply ingrained with the sport as Goodyear is going to once again be part of this event.

When NASCAR does something to give the fans a better experience, it’s usually good. This throwback race is one of those examples. It is a great event that fans love and it doesn’t affect the product on the track. With the Next Gen cars decked out in those throwback paint schemes and colors, the track is going to be looking great in May.

Darlington, the first paved track in NASCAR, has a ton of history. Goodyear has a lot of history with the sport as well. The first tire tests they did in stock car racing were done at Darlington in 1954. It was in 1959 when the company got its first win. Jim Reed was behind the wheel at the Southern 500. The Goodyear 400 should be a fun race with some great designs.

“From the paint schemes to the historic track and throwback tire design, few races capture NASCAR’s tradition like the Goodyear 400,” Kerry Tharp, Darlington Raceway president explained. “As NASCAR’s longest-running continuous partner, Goodyear is uniquely woven into the fabric of the sport and is an ideal partner for the Official Throwback Weekend of NASCAR at Darlington Raceway.”

This partnership is valued by both sides. So, it makes sense that they would try to make it work again. The renewal of this sponsorship shows that NASCAR honors the old and embraces the new.

NASCAR and Goodyear Come Together in Darlington Once Again

This marks the 68th year that NASCAR and Goodyear have been affiliated and Darlington is the best place for it. The race is a long way away. May doesn’t sound far away, but it is in the grand scheme of the season. First, these drivers have to deal with Bristol Dirt. Then, they have to head to Talladega, Dover, and finally, they arrive at Darlington. However, the Goodyear folks are pumped.

“Our entitlement sponsorship of the Goodyear 400 represents a continuation of our six-decade commitment to NASCAR through tire innovation and allows us to celebrate the sport’s storied history and talented drivers of today,” Karen Maroli said, VP of marketing for the tire company. “NASCAR’s Official Throwback Weekend is always a highly-anticipated stop on the circuit, and alongside Darlington Raceway, we look forward to providing race fans with an unforgettable experience.”

This is going to be a fun weekend, y’all. What better way to honor the entire history of NASCAR. So, Next Gen cars in Past Gen paint schemes, we love to see it.