NASCAR: Hailie Deegan Skips Race After Fan Threatened To Kill Her Boyfriend

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

NASCAR driver Hailie Deegan has said that she pulled out of a race after a fan threatened to kill her boyfriend. He’s driver Chase Cabre. Deegan, 20, drives as part of the Camping World Truck Series. She took to YouTube and shared a video titled “Our Lives Are Being Threatened…” In it, the NASCAR driver talks about a man who she thinks is being catfished. That man is now making her life as well as Cabre’s very uncomfortable.

NASCAR Driver Hailie Deegan Is Dealing With An Unruly Fan

Deegan said that this fan wrote her a note. The fan said that he was in love with her, even going so far as to call her his “soulmate.” “I went home that day,” she said, “looked up the guy’s name on the note, and figured out that he was getting catfished by a fake Hailie Deegan account.” Since then, she said, this man has turned into becoming both overbearing and overwhelming.

Additionally, on Tuesday, she took to Twitter and shared some thoughts. “Thank you for all the nice comments about what me and @CabreChase are dealing with,” Deegan writes. “It’s a product of me openly sharing my life with my fans. Unfortunately theirs [spl there’s] bad people who want to take advantage of that. It’s a horrible feeling always having to watch your back.” One fan writes to her on Twitter: “Hold on to each other. Love always wins! You both are amazing. Prayers and protection your way!”

Meanwhile, the combination of an overbearing and overwhelming fan just forced Deegan out of last week’s Freedom 500 race at Bradenton’s Freedom Factory. Why? This man is always threatening to kill Cabre. We get more from TMZ.

Driver Shares Graphic Threat Individual Made AGainst Chase Cabre

As part of the YouTube video, she played audio of a threat she claims this man did make. You can hear a male clearly saying to Chase, “Boy I swear to f***ing God if your a** ain’t out of North Carolina before the sun goes down, you are guaranteed going to see my motherf***ing face that’s going to be the last motherf***ing you ever see go through you’re motherf***ing eyes. I promise you.”

Fans can get excited about things like the Next-Gen cars on the Cup Series this season. Firstly, Hailie Deegan says cops are now involved. Secondly, Deegan and Cabre have added security around their home.

“If you are watching, just, please,” Cabre said in the couple’s YouTube video. “I’m not threatening, I’m doing anything. I’m just saying, it’s over. It’s not real. Just leave it alone.” Hailie Deegan drives the No. 1 Wastequip Ford truck on the ovals. In conclusion, through three races this season, Deegan has finished with two DNFs.