NASCAR: Here’s What the Weather Forecast Is at COTA

by Caitlin Berard

Nothing derails a NASCAR race faster than an unfavorable weather forecast. Luckily, the weather looks great for this weekend’s NASCAR event at COTA (Circuit of the Americas) in Austin, Texas.

NASCAR drivers and their pit crews rolled into the Austin road course for only the second time in history for the EchoPark Automotive Texas Grand Prix. Last year’s inaugural race at COTA was cut short due to torrential rains causing unsafe driving conditions on an already challenging course. Because of that, NASCAR drivers were somewhat wary approaching this weekend’s event.

Thankfully, this weekend’s weather forecast eased their worries. The weather in Austin is absolutely gorgeous, with a high of 84 degrees and a low of 50. Though there’s a light 9 MPH breeze, it’s not enough to cause any difficulties on the track.

NASCAR Fan Talks Weather Forecast, Race at COTA

Ahead of this weekend’s action, ABC interviewed a lucky NASCAR fan, who’s in attendance for this year’s road course competition but was also present for last year’s rain disaster.

The fan, Eric Funkhouser, shared that traffic is always a problem at COTA. “The traffic was pretty bad coming in yesterday,” Funkhouser said. “But we made it, and we got plenty of time to relax before the races started.”

Scott Cooper, a representative of Speedway Motors, commented on the traffic as well, telling ABC that NASCAR has taken additional steps this year to avoid traffic jams in and out of the venue. “On Sunday, for the NASCAR Cup Series race, we will actually have a partnership with nearby Del Valle High School and a complimentary shuttle that will bring fans in and out from COTA.”

This decision was made in response to last year’s Rolling Stones concert held at COTA. Traffic was so bad that concert attendees were parking in nearby neighborhoods or illegally leaving their cars on the side of the road or in the grass and walking into the venue.

The perfect weather and improved accessibility should make for a stress-free weekend…for fans, at least. “We’re excited,” NASCAR fan Eric Funkhouser said. “The weather’s at least different this year.”

NASCAR drivers won’t have it quite as easy this weekend, as they’re facing their first flight at COTA in their Next-Gen stock cars and only their second overall. COTA is entirely unique in that it’s not only a road course but also features a staggering 20 turns (including both left and right), and over 130 feet of elevation changes.