NASCAR: How Hailie Deegan’s Recent Crash Continues String of Recent Bad Luck

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

After an impressive rookie year, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Hailie Deegan has been dealing with incredibly bad luck since the start of the 2022 season. Yesterday afternoon’s Fr8 208 Truck Series race saw Hailie Deegan unable to climb out of her flaming truck due to the thick black smoke that filled the cab – and her lungs.

And sadly for Hailie Deegan, the fire was only the latest in a string of unfortunate events this year. The young No. 1 driver has logged no less than five DNF finishes in her last seven races.

The start of her rookie year was promising, but after 17 incident-free races, things began to go downhill quickly for Deegan. Three straight races in a row (Bristol, Las Vegas, and Talladega) ended in late crashes and DNF finishes after running into other drivers’ wrecks.

The end of the year was rough, but Hailie Deegan chose to look on the bright side. Surely finishing 17th on the points list and logging DNF after DNF would lead to progress in the coming year. And, well…that’s not quite what happened.

The Bad Luck Continues in 2022 for NASCAR Driver Hailie Deegan

Rather than the favorable start to the season she was hoping for, Hailie Deegan’s bad luck continued in 2022. Near the end of NASCAR‘s Daytona opener, Deegan was caught in The Big One (a wreck involving five or more drivers). This dropped her from a top-10 finish to 17th place once again.

Two weeks later in Las Vegas, Hailie Deegan was involved in not one but two crashes in the span of 10 laps. This knocked her down to 27th position on the points list, leaving Deegan and her team hoping for a change in Atlanta. Unfortunately, that change didn’t come.

Instead, Hailie Deegan finished in last place in the Fr8 208 Truck Series race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway after departing from the competition on Lap 31. Early in the race, Colby Howard rear-ended Deegan, forcing her to pit with a flat tire.

Later (although still in the first stage), things went terribly wrong for the No. 1 driver. Deegan’s team received word that there was a strange noise coming from the Ford F-150. As no one could identify the issue, Deegan pulled into the pit once again. This time, however, was much uglier.

“I was on fire for multiple laps,” Hailie Deegan explained. “I started suffocating and couldn’t breathe with the fire extinguisher and black smoke engulfed the truck on pit road. I couldn’t get out because I couldn’t see the window net.”

Her crew finally got her out of the truck, but not before the effects of the smoke had taken hold. Deegan was then rushed from the track to the medical facility. Thankfully, Hailie Deegan escaped without any severe injuries.