NASCAR: How Many First Time Winners Have There Been So Far in 2022?

by Megan Molseed

As the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series continues to get underway, fans are getting a treat as some first-time winners seem to be finding success this season. In the four races we have seen so far in the 2022 Cup Series NASCAR fans have seen two first-time winners drive into the winning circles.

At a Glance

  • The 2022 NASCAR Cup Series is seeing some first-time winners driving into the winning circles.
  • This year’s Series features quite a few new faces contending for top spots.
  • So far, the final standings are split between established NASCAR champions and drivers finding their first wins.
  • One of these winners, Chase Briscoe took the lead in Suday’s Phoenix event.

The NASCAR 2022 Cup Series Is Seeing Some Fresh Faces On the Track and In the Winners Circle

Sure, the winning spots remain split between multiple winners and new faces in the winning circle as two long-established Hendrick Motorsport champions have taken on winning spots in the other two races. However, NASCAR experts note that the circuit features plenty of new faces this season that are contending for future wins.

Adding to this excitement is this year’s introduction of the Next Gen vehicles for the 2022 NASCAR season. These vehicles many NASCAR fans and experts believe help level a playing field on the tracks. Giving further depth to the world of racing.

NASCAR contender Austin Cindric took home a victory at the Daytona 500 last month. Then, last Sunday, driver Chase Briscoe took his first win since he joined the series in 2021. Briscoe’s victory comes as he drove to hold off challengers Ross Chastain and Tyler Reddick in the Phoenix Raceway competition. Both Chastain and Reddick are gunning to join the first-time winner club before the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series comes to an end.

Chase Briscoe Earns A Well-Deserved Victory After A Tough Rookie Season

On Sunday, NASCAR’s number 14, Chase Briscoe drove into the first victory of his career. A welcome triumph after the driver struggled through a difficult rookie season in 2021.

This was the first time a first-time winner took home the top spot at the Phoenix Raceway since 1996. And, it’s only the third time a NASCAR contender captured the checkered flag as a first-time winner. It was then that Alan Kulwicki finished first with his visit to victory lane following the Phoenix Raceway. Then, in 1996, Bobby Hamilton took the title as a first-time winner at the event.

Briscoe Thanks Everyone Who Supported Him In His Journey To Victory Lane

Following Sunday’s Phoenix Raceway competition, Chase Briscoe remembered his journey that brought him to the Phoenix Raceway 2022 Cup Series victory. The driver thanked everyone who helped bring him to the triumphant moment.

“I’ve got to thank everybody that’s got me to this point,” Chase Briscoe says following the victory.

“Seven years ago, I was sleeping on couches, volunteering at race shops, and was literally driving home to give up (racing),” the NASCAR driver says. “Then Briggs Cunningham and Kerry Scherer and Beth Cunningham gave me an opportunity, and it’s led to this.”