NASCAR: Ice Cube’s Mid-Race Performance Draws Mixed Reaction Online

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Daylight Beach Club)

NASCAR fans are tweeting their reactions to Ice Cube’s mid-race performance. Taking place last night, the show is receiving mixed reviews.

As the first exhibition to ever leave Daytona, NASCAR made history at the LA Coliseum. In an effort to add more diversity to its lineup, the company asked Ice Cube and Pitbull to lead its halftime show. To me, both rappers deliver a solid performance. Fans both at the event and online are giving their own strong opinions on Twitter.

“It was AWESOME!! ice cube lit the party even more,” @MileHighRacer93 tweets.

“I really liked it, had a great energy! The race format was exciting, Pitbull & Ice Cube were great & the guys were beating & banging out there,” @nj_mishy adds.

Not all of the comments on Twitter are this positive, however. Some NASCAR fans don’t think that the performance made sense for the event. Others say that his lyrical content was not appropriate for the family-friendly race.

“Wanting to promote the sport of racing in a stadium venue is an amazing idea, but when @icecube raps about an AK-47 in front of children and a national tv audience? Not cool. (And I love rap and Cube- just should have cleaned his lyrics),” @Jen_OC_D writes.

Ice Cube is more LA than NASCAR,” @ThePickleGang tweets.

While I see where NASCAR fans are coming from, I think the performance is a step in the right direction. Similar to the Super Bowl Halftime Show, it is important to showcase all different types of music. America is a melting pot of genres, which should all be highlighted on a national level.

‘What do you think? Watch Ice Cube’s performance below and let us know your thoughts.

Joey Logano Wins NASCAR Busch Light Clash

It was a good weekend for Joey Logano. The NASCAR driver is the winner of last night’s historic Busch Light Clash. In a post-show Twitter interview, Logano reacts to his big win and shares some exciting personal news.

“We got the victory with the old Shell Penzoil Mustang. This is an amazing event,” he says. “Congratulations NASCAR. This is such a huge step in our industry to be able to do this, put on an amazing race for everybody. … This is big I’m having a baby… well, my wife is having a baby tomorrow, our third one. So, pretty big weekend for us.”

Joey Logano is very excited to be a new father of three. The 31-year old racing driver is just as proud of his two kids as he is his new NASCAR trophy. Here at Outsider, we are wondering if he can take home the 500 win this year.

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