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NASCAR Icon Dale Earnhardt Jr. Laments the Close of Pizza Joint in Home Town

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images)

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. to the rescue? Well, some folks from Earnahrdt Jr.’s hometown in North Carolina certainly hope so. Back in Mooresville, a local staple, Pie in the Sky, a pizza joint, announced that it was closing its doors after 36 years in business in the area where NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is from. This was heartbreaking for so many folks to read who have visited the establishment over the years.

What’s Going on With Local Pizza Joint & Dale Earnhardt Jr.

However, Earnhardt Jr. revealed he is in contact with ownership. Worry not, he told his 2.5 million followers, as a new location was on the horizon. He tweeted, “I’ve been in touch with ownership and they definitely plan to find a new location to continue their business. And currently, business is great. I’ll be sure to share where the new location is. If you are visiting the area, be sure to stop and say hello.”

In a post on Facebook, the business wrote, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever written. I’ve spent my entire 23 years of life at this restaurant. I’ve watched my dad pour 36 years of his life into it. You guys make it all worth it. We really hoped to have a location locked in before we were given notice to vacate our space, but we have had very little luck. We love you, we appreciate you, and we are gonna do our best to find a place to make you pizza.”

Fans’ Response to Closing

That’s a long time. The restaurant has been a staple in the community for so many years. They did not want to close before the next location was ready to go. However, the situation did not allow for them to do that. They had to close their doors and vacate the space before the next stoor opened. However, like Dale Eanrhardt Jr. tweeted, a new pizza location is coming. It’s on the horizon.

Fans could not be more kind when they commented on the post. One fan wrote, “It’s heartbreaking to see an icon in downtown Mooresville being pushed out. Best pizza in town and a great family… I pray you find a new location soon.” The family and the pizza are as good as it gets in the area. The town was upset to learn the news and that it was leaving downtown Mooresville.

Another fan wrote, “That is about the saddest thing I have heard in along time… Such great memories we have made there and the friendship that has been forged by your family and us regular folks will live on and we will follow you wherever you go. Some so-called progress is not for the best. God Bless!!”

Now, the good news is that it won’t be gone forever. It is just moving to a new location and a new location soon. Dale Earnhardt Jr. may have saved the day when it came to this pizza joint.