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NASCAR Icon Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reveals What Helped Set Him Apart from Other Drivers

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

What a career for NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. that sets him apart from many drivers on the Cup Series circuit. His victories and continued support for the world of motorsports puts the NASCAR Hall of Fame driver into the rare air of great ones. Still, there are certain aspects to the career of Dale Earnhardt Jr. that make him stand out and apart from others. What would some of those be in his mind? Well, he shares some thoughts about it with Front Office Sports.

At A Glance

  • NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. sees what set himself apart from other drivers.
  • He said that he would do his best to be very smart and decisive on the track.
  • Earnhardt Jr. would not call himself a hot-lapper when driving in the Cup Series.
  • Yet he found himself getting out there and grinding every week to win.

NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. Finds What Sets Himself Apart Well

Now, you might think that answering something like that would be easy for him. Not so, friends.

“That is a tough question,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said. “I feel like my style wasn’t unique, but I was trying to just always be very smart and decisive and never put myself in a compromising situation — or where I was risking too much, so that it was going to be detrimental to being able to finish the race and do well.” 

The Hall of Famer said that he never was really what he called a hot-lapper. “A guy who could go out there and just throw down a massively fast lap right out of the gate,” he said.

“But I was the guy that was going to prod and push all day long and could be as fast as anybody on old, worn-out tires late in the day,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “That was kind of the method that I used and how I approached it.” 

His Career After Cup Series Grind Turns Into Mix of Business, Writing

Indeed, the son of the great, legendary Dale Earnhardt stood out that way. He still races on the Xfinity Series once a year, but his weekly grind on the track years is behind him now. Fans still hear his voice, though, as Earnhardt Jr. works as an analyst for NBC Sports when they air races.

You might know as well that he’s been involved in the business world, too. In fact, he and his wife Amy are getting ready to launch their own vodka brand this spring.

Many motorsports fans and those who just admired Dale Earnahrdt Jr. from a distance found themselves enjoying his memoir. It allowed him to share more about what set him apart from other NASCAR Cup Series drivers.