NASCAR Icon Geoff Bodine Opens Up About Horrific Daytona Wreck at Inaugural Truck Race

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images)

More than 23 years after his infamous Daytona wreck, NASCAR icon Geoff Bodine opens up about the horrific experience. 

During a recent interview with Dale Jr. Download, Geoff Bodine recalls the day of the wreck.  “As they’re rolling me to the ambulance, the little oxygen mask slid off my face. Now, I still haven’t opened my eyes or spoken and I felt it slide off my face. How do you feel that little thing slide off your face when you just got through crashing at 180 miles an hour?”

Geoff Bodine goes on to reveal that when he reached up to put the mask back on his face, the TV camera was on him. “And my mom was home watching. She’s crying, [she] thought I was dead. Everyone thought I was dead at that point.”

Bodine then said that he saw a vision of his deceased father after the crash. “During the crash when I was knocked out, my father came to me, who was sick when he died. But he looked great. And I looked at him and said, ‘Dad, I’m coming to see ya.’ He said, ‘No, it’s not time, yet. You have more to do.’”

Geoff Bodine Said It Was a Miracle That He Even Survived the Crash 

While chatting with WFTV 9 Eyewitness News, Geoff Bodine opened up about how he managed to survive the Daytona crash. “I heard noise, I never opened my eyes. Never spoke, but I heard noise. I remember thinking, ‘Where am I? Daytona. Ok, truck race.’ And I passed out.”

Following the crash, Geoff Bodine was transported to Halifax Hospital and was in intensive. He notably suffered fractures in his cheek and back. He also had a concussion. “It’s amazing I’m still here. It’s not amazing – God blessed me. Saved me. So I’m very fortunate to be here. Of course, then, everybody thought I was dead. But I reached up. When I did that, everyone knew I was alive. So that, of course, was a good thing.”

Following the crash, Geoff Bodine missed 10 races. He managed to get behind the wheel again and raced for another 12 years before retiring. He finished his NASCAR career with having raced in 27 seasons. Bodine became a Driver Analyst for The Racing Experts. He also revealed that watching Ryan Newman’s crash in 2020 brought back some memories. “When I saw that happened, I was like, ‘Wow.’ He’s in there tight. So let’s pray that he’s going to be ok.”

Geoff Bodine further explained that it was a good sign that Newman’s car stayed intact following the crash. “We are all [thankful for] no life-threatening injuries. But after that, we just don’t know.”