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NASCAR Issues Christopher Bell Double Yellow Line Penalty, Moves Ross Chastain to Second Place at Atlanta

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

It looked like a top-3 finish, but NASCAR has issued Christopher Bell a double yellow line penalty that will move him to the back. In his place, Ross Chastain picks up 2nd place and once again another top-3 finish. He now has three of those in the last three races.

Don’t Cross that (Not) Yellow Line

  • NASCAR hit Christopher Bell with the penalty after he crossed the “double yellow line” which at Atlanta isn’t actually yellow
  • These penalties are to prevent illegal passing
  • There was a mad dash for the finish and Ross Chastain was passed underneath by Bell
  • William Byron took the win, Chastain will be moved to 2nd place, and Kurt Busch to 3rd

Meanwhile, Bell is not going to be happy about this. Losing that 2nd place position will not be good for his points total this week. He will only come away with 15 points. Meanwhile, Chastain and the new 3rd place, Kurt Busch, finished with 36 and 39 points respectively.

There was only so far for Bell’s No. 20 to fall. In total, there were 12 DNFs and then a few drivers found themselves behind on laps. So, Bell will be awarded 23rd place.

This was a messy race at times and it was damn exciting to watch as a fan, too. If you like good, fast, and risky racing, then the new Atlanta Motor Speedway is for you. They promised superspeedway conditions on an intermediate track and that is what we got. There were a few drivers that got into the mix and almost 50 lead changes. However, only one driver stood supreme.

This was the day for the No. 24, William Byron. He had the best-looking car all day, moved up into a top position, and never let it go. Moved into first, battled with Bubba Wallace, and then made it look easy when the chips were all on the table. Byron ran a Hell of a race amid a lot of chaos.

NASCAR Gives Christopher Bell a Penalty After Byron’s Big Win

This is the first win of the season for Byron and the third for Hendrick’s Motorsports. That team is rolling right now. Also, NASCAR coming down on Christopher Bell with the penalty ruins what would have been a solid day for Toyota. They couldn’t land a win, but they positioned some drivers very well in the end.

Of course, Wallace was in contention to win until he clipped the wall and was buried into 13th place. However, along with Martin Truex Jr. and Kurt Busch that makes three in the top-13. Not too bad for Toyota given what they have gone through this season.

Bell and his team are going to move on to the next one. That’s all they can do. As for Toyota as a whole, their performance team must be wondering when they will get a Next Gen victory. Next week is the Circuit of the Americas race. That should be another fun one.