NASCAR: Jeb Burton Sports Robb Elementary Paint Scheme to Raise Funds for Uvalde Families

by Jonathan Howard

Today in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Jeb Burton had a very interesting and important paint scheme, repping Robb Elementary School. Of course, Robb Elementary was the location of the horrific shooting that claimed the lives of 19 children and 2 teachers. Since then, Burton and Our Motorsports have teamed up for a great fundraiser.

Burton’s No. 27 in the Xfinity Series has the state of Texas on it along with “Robb Elementary” down the side of the car. It also features “Uvalde Strong” as well as the text code to donate $10 to those impacted by the shooting. Our Motorsports put out a press release about the fundraiser.

“Our Motorsports announces today Jeb Burton’s memorialized paint scheme for this Saturday’s inaugural NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Portland International Raceway which pays respect to the 21 lives that were innocently taken during the May 24, 2022, tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX.”

Of course, Jeff Burton made some comments as well.

“We’ll be racing with a purpose and a goal this Saturday – and that’s to deliver the best finish possible for everyone affected by last week’s tragedy at Robb Elementary School,” Burton said. “I’m asking the NASCAR community to come together and show their support by texting UVALDE to 501501 and making a $10 donation to help each family of the 21 victims who are struggling to cope with the loss of their loved ones.”

Today’s race in Portland was a wet one. With the track covered in mist and rain, it was a tough go of things. There were also plenty of wrecks and missed corners that cost a lot of other drivers. However, at the end of the day, all that matters is that Burton and Our Motorsports are doing a great thing.

Jeb Burton Honors Uvlade Victims

This collaboration was done with Uvalde Unified Independent School District. The Superintendent, Dr. Hal Harrell was open about the NASCAR partnership. Robb Elementary School on the side of that 27 looks great, and the meaning behind the scheme makes it that much better. I bet a lot of money could be raised on a diecast of this design.

“On behalf of the entire Uvalde CISD, we express our sincerest gratitude for the remarkable support of the NASCAR Xfinity Series. We are heartbroken at the innocent lives lost,” Dr. Harrell said. “The Uvalde CISD Administration, staff, and families will forever be thankful for the support of our community and nation. We believe in ourselves, pray for a brighter future, and together we are #Uvaldestrong.”

Hopefully, this fundraiser is a big success. NASCAR fans can be very kind. So, I’m sure a lot of them are donating or have donated during the race. While we wait to hear about the success of the fundraiser, let’s show them how kind Outsiders can be.