NASCAR: Joe Gibbs Racing Reports What They Found on Disqualified Cars of Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch

by Jonathan Howard

After an inspection from NASCAR, Joe Gibbs Racing had their own review of the disqualified cars of Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch. The findings make it clear why the team decided not to appeal the decision from NASCAR. We knew that it was an issue with the front fascia of the car – the front bumper in other words.

In a statement, JGR says that they found tape on each of the lower corners in front of the front wheel openings.

“The added pieces were 2 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches long with a thickness of 0.012 inches and installed under the wrap. This change in our build process was not properly vetted within our organization and we recognize it is against NASCAR’s rules. We apologize to everyone for this mistake, and we have made changes to our processes to endure that it does not happen again.”

That is quite the admission from Joe Gibbs Racing. They knew that these cars had improper additions on them after the race and have owned up to it. By not appealing, it will let this issue go to bed sooner rather than later. This is something that not only JGR wants to get past, but so do Toyota and TRD.

Hamlin and Busch are in the playoffs right now. So, there isn’t a ton of pressure to win in the last five wins. But, if they want to make a move at the championship, one of these drivers needs a win or two just to keep up with Chase Elliott and his points lead.

Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota TRD Comment on DQs

Of course, this goes pretty deep. Toyota and TRD are always excited to see their cars win a race. To see them go 1-2 is like a perfect day for the manufacturer and performance teams. However, this is a bit of a bump in the road so to speak for all involved.

David Wilson of TRD released a statement as well.

“Toyota and TRD are disappointed with the disqualifications that came at the end of Sunday’s Pocono Cpu Series race. However, as we’ve stated throughout the Next Gen process, we applaud NASCAR’s hyper-vigilance when it comes to policing the rules on this new race car,” the statement says in part.

Read the rest below. Courtesy of Bob Pockrass of Fox NASCAR.

It feels like Joe Gibbs Racing is looking to shake this off as soon as possible and focus on the task ahead of them. You can’t really blame them either. This is something that hasn’t happened in over six decades. So, by the time the Indy road course gets started this weekend – the No. 11 and 18 teams will be worried about getting a top5 or a win there.

Pocono is the past. But what does the future hold in store for JGR and their drivers?