NASCAR: Joey Logano ‘Can’t Believe’ Busch Light Clash Result During ‘Pretty Big Weekend’ for Family

by Jonathan Howard

The season-opening exhibition was taken by Joey Logano. He took the win at the LA Coliseum for the Busch Light Clash.

This was a big day. The race was put together wonderfully at the LA Coliseum. With limited resources at the venue, definitely not designed for a NASCAR race, but Joey Logano didn’t care. He was one of the top qualifiers. Then, he used that positioning to get into the top-2 almost throughout the entire race.

When this race was put together, no one knew how it would go. Arguably, it was a big success. No major wrecks, a few hiccups along the way, but a fun event and a great start to the season. There was even a bit of drama that made things more interesting than they might have been otherwise. After taking the win, Logano talked about the impact of the victory and some personal family news.

Check out the video below.

“We got the victory with the old Shell Penzoil Mustang. This is an amazing event,” Logano said. “Congratulations NASCAR. This is such a huge step in our industry to be able to do this, put on an amazing race for everybody. … This is big I’m having a baby… well, my wife is having a baby tomorrow, our third one. So, pretty big weekend for us.”

While this didn’t count for Cup Series points, this was a big day. Joey Logano took home some big money and has a lot of momentum going for him moving forward. When the season “officially” gets started, it will be at the Daytona 500 and there will be some more room to race, drive wide, and get up to top speeds. Much different from tonight’s affair.

Joey Logano Survives Tiny Track and Takes the Win

When the results from the qualifiers came out, it was clear that Joey Logano was one of the top drivers. He has consistently been one of the top-10 drivers in NASCAR for a few years at least. When the lines came out of Vegas, Logano was +650 to win. He was behind Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr., and Chase Elliott in odds.

After Kyle Busch earned pole position, it seemed that the M&M car wouldn’t be stopped. Tyler Reddick held in strong for 51 laps in the lead. At lap 53, mechanical issues put his day to an end early. It looked like Next Gen was going to fall under the pressure. However, it wasn’t anything more than you would imagine for the first “long distance” competition for the new cars.

Daytona is not just going to test the drivers in the first race where points are up for grabs, but it will test these new cars. If they can make it through the 500 without major issues, then the new era is officially here. Y’all ready for The Great American Race at Daytona. Can Joey Logano take the win at the 500?