NASCAR: Joey Logano Compares His Exit from Joe Gibbs Racing to Recent Kyle Busch Move

by Jonathan Howard

On the newest episode of Stacking Pennies, Joey Logano talked to fellow NASCAR driver Corey LaJoie about the recent Kyle Busch news. Of course, it wasn’t long ago when Logano made the move from Joe Gibbs Racing to Team Penske after building very strong bonds with the team. If anyone knows what Busch is going through, it’s the No. 22 driver.

As Joey Logano talked with LaJoie about the newest free agent signing, it wasn’t long before he brought up that situation from 10 years ago.

“When I can focus 100% on driving a racecar, Kyle can’t right now,” he said. “Or he couldn’t. And when you hear a lot of his interviews here recently, he was wanting to announce something he was wanting to get a deal done. You could tell like he’s just over it, get me somewhere I want to know where I’m going to be next year, and let me go focus on that.

“The first dominoes fallen today, good for him. Now there’s the other piece of it, where now you have this like, I don’t want to call it a lame duck year, but it’s like a weird environment at Gibbs for him. Because now you’re working at a place where they’re viewing you as, yeah we want to win with you but you’re also a competitor of ours next year and we don’t want to show you anything anymore.”

That situation might cause a little bit of awkwardness in the garage. However, it seems as though that’s the way things go after a move like this. He can’t take that information over to Richard Childress Racing.

Joey Logano Explains ‘Lame Duck’ Feeling

Getting that signing over with might just give Busch a boost in the next step of the playoffs. But, will there be any animosity on the team?

“It’s really weird. I’m part of the team but I’m not part of the team I’m going somewhere else next year. Like, it’s just a weird thing. And then like I’ll always remember … that the final race with that team is like a really weird bittersweet moment. Because take yourself out of it take your future out of it. It’s the relationships that you grow with your team. Right? I worked at Gibbs from when I was 15 until I was 21.”

As for that final race with Joe Gibbs Racing, Joey Logano put it simply.

“It’s sad. You can’t sugarcoat that, it’s a sad day.”

When the Candyman finishes that last race at Phoenix this season, it will be a historical demarcation. No one knows how the experiment will work out. Only time will tell, but if I’m Richard Childress, I’ll take the two-time Cup Series champion over just about anyone.