NASCAR: Joey Logano Weighs In on Fans Comparing the Sport to WWE

by Joe Rutland

Joey Logano would like a word with some NASCAR fans. They think their beloved motorsports franchise is becoming like the WWE. Yes, like pro wrestling. What? Yes, that’s what we are asking ourselves, too. These NASCAR fans watch their favorite drivers duke it out (in cars, OK) every Sunday. They go out there and do their best to win. Pardon me, but we have not seen any chair shots or Stone Cold Stunners lately.

NASCAR Driver Joey Logano Isn’t Putting Up With WWE Nonsense

See, Joey Logano is no fan of how Atlanta Motor Speedway was changed. It led to drivers like Kyle Busch suggesting more late-lap drama would equate more with entertainment. This would take the focus away from racing. Fans then think the drama on the track would lend itself more to WWE storylines.  

Well, count Joey Logano out of that NASCAR and WWE conversation. He isn’t buying that line of baloney about his beloved sport.

“I just shake my head and laugh,” Logano, 31, said. “At that point, you just don’t get it. Do you think we’re out there with a script on how this thing is supposed to go? No. It’s competition. No matter what track you go to — whether it’s a superspeedway or it’s COTA this weekend at a road course, there is competition. There is a lot of work that goes into how do you beat your competitors. 

Driver Says It Would Be Easier If He Had A Script Before Competing

“It’d be a lot easier if I had a script on how this was supposed to go,” Logano said. “I wouldn’t have to go to work every day. I’d just show up and drive. This would be easy. Just tell me what to do. But it’s not like that. And that’s why when someone says that I’m like, what have you been watching? We’re not even close to that.” We get more about this from Sportscasting.

In case you didn’t know, pro wrestling finishes are predetermined. Winners and losers are up to the promoter’s or booker’s call. Now, let’s get back to Logano’s soliloquy about racing and rasslin’. 

“Think about these race teams that are spending millions and millions of dollars,” he said. “You think they’re doing that for something fake? No.” The NASCAR-WWE comparison has been made before. Back a few years ago, “Smoke” himself Tony Stewart made it in 2007.

“I guess NASCAR thinks, ‘Hey, wrestling worked, and it was for the most part staged, so I guess it’s going to work in racing, too,’” he said. “I can’t understand how long the fans are going to let NASCAR treat them like they’re stupid before the fans finally turn on NASCAR.”