NASCAR: Joey Logano Wins Busch Light Clash in Historic Cup Series Exhibition

by Jonathan Howard

After all of the heats and the qualifiers, NASCAR finally settled it all at the LA Coliseum. Joey Logano won the Busch Light Clash.

This was a much different opener to the season than usual. Technically, it’s just an exhibition. But, the season has begun. All of the heats and rounds and the absolute tiny track made this a much different experience. No one ever thought that the Coliseum would be home to a NASCAR race. Now, we can say we all saw it with our own eyes.

It wasn’t always easy. At one point, just after the 50 lap mark, three vehicles went down in succession with mechanical issues. Denny Hamlin, Chase Briscoe, and Tyler Reddick all went down within a couple of minutes of each other. Reddick had led 51 laps of the 53 by the time he pulled off. Those Next Gen cars will need some fine-tuning.

This let Kyle Busch make a move back to the front. He maintained his pole position more or less and didn’t let up. Throughout the race, Kyle Larson crept his way towards the front. Soon after, Ryan Blaney gave chase Elliott the most gentle nudge, but the No.9 spun out seemingly for no reason. It was chaos, to say the least.

By the halfway point, Joey Logano and Busch were battling hard. Logano took the lead into the 75th lap. Despite the small track, there was room to make strategic passes and moves. After some jostling and clever racing, Logano took a lead that he wasn’t going to give up. He took the checkered flag and started the season on a high note.

Joey Logano Prevails on NASCAR’s Newest Track

The drivers were brought out and introduced in a very dramatic fashion. Walking down the stairs of the Coliseum, they were given the Olympic treatment. When you have an event like this, it is hard to tell what is going to happen. The short track was tricky, just as many thought beforehand.

When it came down to it Logano was able to stay patient. There weren’t a lot of moments to make big moves, but he managed to get around cars and hold his spot in the lead. With a talented group of drivers behind him, Logano proved to be in control.

With a new season underway, fans are looking forward to other special moments. No one is going to forget the time NASCAR held a race at the LA Coliseum. And, that means, no one will forget Joey Logano took the checkered flag. This is going to be a race to remember for Logano and his team. It was a hard-fought win and he had the most patience and perseverance to get through the race.