NASCAR: Joey Logano Worried Bubba Wallace Could Have Cost Kyle Larson ‘His Life’ at South Point 400

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Looking back on the Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson incident, Joey Logano did not make light of the NASCAR retaliation. The winner of the South Point 400 has been around a while now and he didn’t like what he saw. A couple of days after the fact, Logano was reflecting on the race.

While Joey Logano was on The Morning Driver, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, the topic came up. For the Team Penske driver, retaliation has a time and place. What he saw on the replay from Wallace was beyond acceptable.

“The retaliation is not OK in the way it happened,” Logano said, via NBCSports. “If he spun him to the infield, maybe it’s a little better, but right-rear hooking someone in the dogleg is not OK. I don’t know if everyone realizes how bad that could have been. That could have been the end of Kyle Larson’s career. That to me was what was on the line. Or his life. That is the worst spot to get right-rear hooked into a corner. The dogleg is pretty sharp. When you come in and hit the angle that he hit, in a way, he was lucky to hit [Christopher Bell] a little bit to soften it a little bit.”

Check out his comments in full below.

Joey Logano even said that if you find yourself that mad at a guy. get out of the car and fight him. But the wreck that he saw, if it was indeed retaliation and not a loose car as Wallace claims, it does change things. NASCAR is going to look at the car data and more to determine exactly what happened.

Joey Logano ‘Live With Regret’ If Retaliation Goes Bad

A point that Joey Logano wanted to make during his time on the radio was the regret a driver could be stuck with if retaliation goes bad. If Wallace did knock Larson into the wall the wrong way, or he flipped – whatever it is, Bubba likely didn’t want to hurt him.

“Because the consequences are way bigger than just a race, and you’ll live with regret the rest of your life. That’s the bottom line. If you seriously injured somebody in retaliation for something that wasn’t huge, I don’t think you can live with yourself after that. I don’t want to take that risk.”

NASCAR has not said anything one way or another yet on penalties or fines. However, drivers like Joey Logano clearly take this incident seriously. Bubba Wallace has since released an apology, although he did not directly apologize to Larson.