NASCAR: Jordan Anderson Provides Update on Health After Crash at Talladega

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Another day out from Talladega weekend, and we have an update on Jordan Anderson. The NASCAR Truck Series driver was involved in a bad wreck. Anderson was competing in the truck race when his vehicle burst into flames. He was lucky to exit without more serious damage.

In the first update that Jordan Anderson gave fans, we learned about his injuries. He suffered burns on multiple areas of his body. Although he was able to go home this weekend, Anderson had a bit of an issue recently. That means he’s going to be getting more treatment soon.

Jordan Anderson Update

Here’s what he said to fans in his most recent update.

“Thank you everyone for the texts, calls, and prayers. Haven’t been able to be on my phone, but I am so humbled by the overwhelming support.

“Had to go to the ER last night for some side effects, so heading to the Wake Forest burn center tomorrow.”

The driver also sent out a special thank you to Dale Earnhardt Jr. When the accident happened, Junior was quick to let Anderson’s wife and his family use his plane in order to get home. That had to be a scary situation and worrying about flight accommodations is the last thing they would want to do at a time like that.

NASCAR has come a long way in terms of safety. Next Gen car issues aside, they really have. From driving suits to foams in the vehicles to prevent fires from spreading and more. Jordan Anderson was in an incident no driver wants to be in. He basically jumped out of the truck at the time due to the engulfing flames.

This isn’t going to be a short recovery process. Dealing with injuries like second-degree burns is tricky. It looks like Anderson has great facilities nearby that can help him get through this recovery. Fans are going to be looking forward to seeing the owner-driver back out on the track in 2023 or whenever that is.

Let’s hope he has a quick and speedy recovery. This was a moment that shocked the NASCAR world and had thousands holding their breath as they waited for any good news about the Truck Series driver.