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NASCAR: Kevin Harvick Says First Six Weeks of Next Gen Action Is ‘Really Hardcore’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

This season of NASCAR has been challenging. Kevin Harvick thinks Next Gen cars have added some challenges.

NASCAR is trying to adapt and improve on its product. Getting new eyes on the sport, old eyes back, and give everyone something to enjoy. Next Gen cars are a big part of that, for sure. So far, there have been some occasional issues. A couple of wheels popped off, some tire issues rubbing against walls, and other hiccups.

When it comes to the new changes, Kevin Harvick says Next Gen has been “really hardcore.”

“We’re learning how to work on the car efficiently, at the track and at the shop, and that’s what I like about where we are as a group,” the No.4 driver said. “Our group is filled with hardcore racers, and this first six weeks of racing is going to be really hardcore.”

There are a lot of changes in the new cars and the teams still have to tinker around.

“There’s a lot of low-hanging fruit, and the unique thing about this car is that word travels fast as to what the fast guys are doing,” he continued. “The suspension settings only have so many points that they will go to, so if you’re off and the guy next to you is six feet away, it’s not hard to look over and see where his upper A-arms are bolted in, or his lower A-arm, or whatever the case is. So, those gaps should be filled pretty quickly.”

Kevin Harvick’s Next Gen car experience is the same as everyone else. His team is going to tinker and tweak until they get something that works. If word is spreading quickly, then there should be noticeable results in upcoming races. The field has been leveled.

Kevin Harvick, Next Gen Cars Head to Las Vegas

Kevin Harvick and the Next Gen field head to Las Vegas. The Pennzoil 400 Presented by Jiffy Lube is going to be a great event. And, if you are a fan that is going to find yourself in Las Vegas for the race, you might catch a great concert or two. The ACM Awards are also taking place.

So, what gets better than a big weekend of NASCAR and country music, topped off with the ACM Awards on Monday? It is a match made in heaven. Las Vegas can get pretty rowdy, you throw country, fast cars, and the Vegas strip all in one, and you have a recipe for a legendary few days.

As Kevin Harvick gets the Next Gen situation figured out along with the rest of the drivers and teams, things will improve. It has already been a grew first few races on the season. It only gets better from here, folks. Kyle Larson is looking go to repeat and solidify himself as an all-time great driver.