NASCAR: Kevin Harvick Shouts Out Ross Chastain for ‘Epic’ Move at Martinsville

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Add Kevin Harvick to the growing list of individuals impressed by Ross Chastain. The veteran NASCAR driver spent a good chunk of Monday morning on Twitter talking about Chastain’s controversial move on the final lap at Martinsville.

Chastain rode his No. 1 car into the wall on the final lap, slamming his foot on the gas and passing Denny Hamlin just before the start-finish line to secure his spot in the Championship 4. The maneuver looked like it was straight out of a video game, but it proved effective … and controversial.

Most fans loved the guts Chastain showed. Some NASCAR drivers were irritated with the antics. But Harvick, the seasoned veteran, loved the courage the young gun showed on the final lap.

“Like the move or not very few have (the) guts to do WHATEVER it takes in the moment,” Harvick wrote on Twitter. “Some talk and some actually do it. #EPIC.”

Harvick fired off a few more tweets talking about Chastain’s bold move on the final lap.

“I’ve watched it so many times and it doesn’t look real yet,” Harvick said in a follow-up tweet. He also said he should’ve “played more video games,” after learning that’s how Chastain got the idea.

For the most part, the NASCAR world really enjoyed the thrill and excitement Chastain provided on that final lap. That doesn’t mean everyone was on board, though.

Kyle Larson Calls Ross Chastain’s Move “Embarrassing”

Every party needs a … well, you know. This week, former Cup Series champion Kyle Larson was the one to rain on everyone’s parade, blasting Ross Chastain for the maneuver.

“It’s just a bad look,” Larson said after the race. “I’m embarrassed that I did it at Darlington. Maybe if I didn’t do it last year, people wouldn’t even think to do that, so I’m embarrassed myself and glad that I didn’t win that way (at Darlington). It’s not just a good look. Not a good look. … It’s embarrassing.

“I guess I’d ask you guys, what makes that not embarrassing? If you think that’s fair, why would you think that’s fair?”

Harvick acknowledged that this move is probably something that will be outlawed by NASCAR in the future. But that doesn’t mean fans can’t enjoy the moment that unfolded at Martinsville.