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NASCAR: Kurt Busch Says Phoenix Raceway Paint Scheme Is a ‘10/10’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

NASCAR driver Kurt Bush’s Camry is getting a new look for this Sunday’s Phoenix Raceway event. And, the racecar driving star is all about this new paint job, giving it a 10/10.

On Saturday afternoon, March 12, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch shared a short video of the impressive paint job his Camry recently received. This new paint job gives the car a sleek look while sporting the MoneyLion logo. And, the logo’s recognizable seafoam green truly stands out against the sleek black base of the NASCAR vehicle.

“I’ve got a new look this weekend,” Kurt Busch says of his March 13 Pheonix Raceway event entry. “And it’s a 10/10,” the NASCAR driver adds to the tweet. Busch finishes the message off with some flames by adding a fire emoji.

The brief thirteen-second Twitter clip gives NASCAR fans just a simple quick sneak-peek at the front end and hood area of Kurt Busch’s NASCAR entry for the Pheonix Raceway event. However, it’s easy to tell that the Camry’s impressive details do not end with what we see in Kurt Busch’s Saturday afternoon tweet. If the front of the vehicle gives any hint to the rest of the details featured on Busch’s Camry, the entire vehicle will no doubt be just as remarkable.

Kurt Busch Steps Into NASCAR’S Next Generation

Longtime NASCAR driver Kurt Busch has mixed things up quite a bit this racing season; as he took on NASCAR’S latest additions stepping into a NextGen vehicle racing the Toyota TRD Camry. And, recently, the veteran driver met with our guys Marty Smith and Wes Blankenship while in Daytona to discuss this year’s racing action; as well as the fundamentals of driving the Next Gen vehicle.

This new step in NASCAR racing has been a big deal this season. The Next Gen vehicles no doubt add a sleeker look to the tracks. And, they will be bringing a better vehicle to many of the iconic NASCAR tracks.

“It’s fun to drive, being so different with the sequential gearbox, the bigger brakes, the suspension being independent in the rear,” Kurt Busch explains during the recent interview on The Marty Smith Podcast. “I’ve never driven a car on an oval with independent rear suspension,” the NASCAR driver adds of the new NextGen vehicles.

“When we get to road courses later, these cars are going to be two seconds quicker,” Busch adds. “Because of their speed and agility switching back left and right.”

However, Busch does note that there are some features to the Next Gen additions to the NASCAR fleet that he and his team will be getting used to as the race-season progresses. The biggest piece of this, the driver notes, is that the cars add a different type of draft. A feature that he has had to adjust to as he gets to know the new car.

“The aero package is somewhat numbed up,” Busch says during the interview. “That’s why the draft is a little different.”