NASCAR: Kurt Busch Previews Ambetter 301 in New Hampshire

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to NASCAR, Kurt Busch knows a thing or two about making the postseason. New Hampshire used to be the key. While the veteran driver for 23XI has a win on the season, meaning he’s in the postseason, the NHMS can still be key to this season. It all depends on your perspective and how you look forward and prepare for the latter parts of the season.

The No. 45 has been good, not great, this season. Still, if he’s going to be heading to the playoffs, then he has some chance of winning a title, at least theoretically. With three wins at The Magic Mile in his career, to make it a fourth one would be something.

He has a fresh new SiriusXM paint scheme and is ready to feel the magic in New Hampshire. Even if it doesn’t hold heavy implications for the postseason, it can be valuable to drivers that see themselves in the playoffs this year.

“Well, back in the day with the September race, it was the door to a championship run,” Busch said to The Podium Finish. “And now you can use it as a sister racetrack to Phoenix, the championship race. And New Hampshire is the same style track. “

That connection to Phoenix is what makes it special.

“It’s a flat, one-mile track. So it’s an important sneaky race is the way that I call it because how you can use it as prep for the championship run.”

The only thing is, Kurt Busch hasn’t had recent success on the track. Without a top-15 finish in the last three races – it’s time to see Kurt near the front of The Magic Mile.

Kurt Busch Does not Have Great Odds in New Hampshire

If you were looking to read further into the New Hampshire race, just to get ready for the weekend, then Kurt Busch is an interesting case. While he has the history, it’s been over 10 years since he claimed a checkered flag in Loudon. Ahead of the Ambetter 301, the 23XI is positioned at 25-1 odds. He’s in the back half of the field when it comes to odds.

Since the All-Star Race, the NASCAR veteran has had two top-5 finishes. But, there have been some issues as well. While he has a second and third place finish, he has also finished 31, 18, 23, and 22. Those aren’t the best of finishes. Busch would like to see himself in the top 10 and vying for a top spot while he’s on the track in New Hampshire.

So, Outsiders, what do we think of Kurt Busch’s chances this weekend? He knows the track very well and has a winning history there. Could he notch his second checkered flag of the season and make himself a real threat for this championship? We’ll have to wait and see.