NASCAR: Kurt Busch’s No. 45 Returns to the Track After Losing Fuel Pressure at Toyota Owners 400

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

Just when we thought NASCAR driver Kurt Busch was done with a fuel issue at the Toyota Owners 400, the 23XI Racing driver made it back on the track. His team worked hard and fast to get him in working order again. A mechanical issue forced the No. 45 Toyota off the track. It seems that it was a fuel pressure issue. However, those wonderful NASCAR mechanics went to work.

It isn’t often that we see a car go down with issues like this and then make it back onto the track to keep running. When the points standings are counted at the end of the regular season, moments like this might be the difference.

Honestly, it would be a shame to get this paint scheme off the track. The Embrace Home Loans scheme is bright, orange, and it looks fast as hell. 23XI has to be feeling good about how their team responded. While they likely wish they didn’t have to deal with a mechanical issue just 30 or so laps into the race, it’s about responding to adversity.

As a Toyota driver, it must feel a little embarrassing to have an issue like this. This season has not been easy for any Toyota drivers. No matter what team they are a part of. The manufacturer has yet to record a win in the Next Gen era. So, they’ll need all the cars they can get out on the track.

Richmond has been kind to Toyota drivers in the past. NASCAR is full of issues like this and Kurt Busch and his fuel problem is just the latest example. There is sure to be more drama throughout the day

NASCAR Vet Kurt Busch Battles Fuel Issues at Richmond

Richmond Raceway presents all kinds of unique problems for drivers. The short, D-shaped oval provides a lot of close-up racing and rubbing along the way. An issue like fuel pressure is not what Busch wants to be dealing with so early in a race. However, joining back up in the second stage and racing hard is about the only thing that he can do at this point.

23XI Racing is hoping that they can get a win this season. Either from Bubba Wallace or from Kurt Busch. They have the talent to do it, but will they be able to put together a car that can make it through a tough race and finish strong? That remains to be seen.

With the 45 back on the track, that means new opportunities. Busch can still drive a fast car and make the most of the situation. He might not land a top-5 finish or anything, but he will be able to run some fast laps and get some goo driving in on the day instead of watching from the garage.