NASCAR: Kyle Busch Hopes To Build On ‘Decent Speed’ at COTA

by Jonathan Howard

This weekend is a wild one for NASCAR. Now, after racing in the Truck Series, Kyle Busch wants to build on the early success at COTA. That means improving what he called “decent speed” so far this season. Between the race in the Truck Series and the big race in the Cup Series, Busch is going to know this course well by the time Sunday night comes around.

Busch ended up finishing third behind the wheel of his No. 51 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro for the second time this season. He did not earn any points, of course, because he is not competing full time in the series. This season has been going pretty well overall. When it comes to his full-time gig in the Cup Series, Busch finds himself in 11th place through five races. He has earned 136 points and hopes to keep it going at COTA.

“I think the car is fine. We are all trying to figure it out and learn what it potentially is and what it is that makes it go fast, what the knobs are that you need to turn at particular places,” the No. 18 driver said. “I feel like we’ve had decent speed everywhere we’ve been except Phoenix. Phoenix was really bad. Vegas, we were fast – coulda, shoulda, woulda. California, we were OK, worked on it and came back from five laps down. Picked up 10 spots in five laps. Last week was fast. Probably one of the fastest cars in the field and just got caught up in a wreck. We don’t really have anything to show for this year, which is disappointing. No stage points. That’s about it.”

Kyle Busch Looks to Grab Another Top-5 Finish at COTA

So far this season, Las Vegas is the only top-5 finish of the season for the 18. However, Kyle Busch plans to change that when he takes off for the Cup Series COTA race Sunday. Things have to start going his way, or someone else will slip in and take those opportunities away. That’s what NASCAR is all about, taking advantage of the opportunity.

It isn’t that Busch has been bad on the track this season. Things just seem to have not gone his way. COTA is a whole different beast and that means there will be different challenges. In the Next-Gen car, teams will tweak and alter (within the rules, right Brad Keselowski?), and try to put the best and fastest car out on the track that they can. Busch has been around the block a few times, but on a track like this, almost everyone has the same amount of experience.

Now, the sample size is small. However, after his 3rd place finish in the Truck Series in Las Vegas, he went on to have his best result of the year. His top-3 finish at COTA in the truck might be a good omen yet again. It can’t hurt to get some extra laps on the track. Even if it is in a different vehicle.