NASCAR: Kyle Busch Looking for His Third Career Win at Watkins Glen

by Jonathan Howard

When the NASCAR Cup Series lines up on Sunday at Watkins Glen, Kyle Busch will be eyeing his third checkered flag at the road course. This is going to be a week that could make or break some drivers. However, the pressure on Busch isn’t all that great. He is going to be firmly in the playoffs, but it would be great to get another win. After all, racing is all about momentum.

Kyle Busch has notched wins at The Glen in 2008 and 2013. Since his last win at the course, Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin, Martin Truex Jr., Chase Elliot (twice), and Kyle Larson have all won. Those are just the drivers that have won and are still active. So, there’s a handful of competitors with more recent success than the No. 18.

Still, this is a track Busch is familiar with and likes to race on. He doesn’t have high expectations, at least for now.

“I think at the end of these road courses, anyways, those are wild cards too,” Busch said after the race at Richmond last week. “I don’t know if we can get five wide on the front stretch at Watkins Glen, but watch us, we’ll try. We’ll see what happens. Watkins Glen has always been a great track for us and this car has definitely not been our strong suit, so I would assume – assumption, we wouldn’t be that great. think we can go run for a top ten though.”

While he might not have a lot of faith in the Toyota Camry on the road course, Kyle Busch is a competitor. He’s going to be happy with a top-10, but he’ll be gunning for the win if possible. Watkins Glen just so happens to fit his style.

Kyle Busch Says Turns at The Glen ‘Blend Into My Style’

We know how some of these drivers feel about road courses. It’s the same way a lot of fans feel as well. However, Kyle Busch knows Watkins Glen is different. That’s why he doesn’t mind racing at the New York road course.

He talked to WENY, local news in the New York area.

“There are a couple of corners there [at Wakins Glen] that really kind of blend into my style of what it’s like at a road course to be fast so just attacking that place and being able to know how hard to push it getting into the braking zones, and you’ve got some really high-speed braking zones getting into turn one, getting into the bus stop, also getting into whether you want to call it to turn five or turn nine, the left-hander coming back towards the pit area. It’s a cool race track, I enjoy it,” he said.

Will he be feeling so much love for The Glen after Sunday afternoon? It’s hard to say, but there should be some great late-season racing. These road courses can get a little wild and I look forward to the chaos that we see this weekend.