‘NASCAR’: Kyle Busch Opens Up After Second Place Finish in Busch Light Clash

by Jonathan Howard

NASCAR was able to pull it off. An entire day of racing inside the LA Coliseum. What did 2nd place finisher Kyle Busch think?

For Kyle Busch, the day started off great. He was able to make his way through the qualifying rounds and his heats. After a solid day in the early stages, he found himself with the fastest lap time and the pole position for the Main Event. 23 drivers, a tiny track… that pole position was going to be very important for the driver and his team.

Busch started out in the front and stayed there. He held his position strong, not allowing too much to go on. Tyler Reddick was able to get around him early and the two sat in that position for one-third of the race. After 53 laps, Reddick had burned his car up and was unable to continue. Tough break for him, but that was fine for Busch. However, Joey Logano moved up into second. From there, it was a battle for the yellow M&M Camry and the Shell-Penzoil Mustang.

Despite his strong start and positioning, Busch finished in second for the NASCAR opener. He had a few words following the race. A bit upset, but nothing that he can change at this point.

“I was being perfect doing everything I needed to do – keep the tires underneath me,” Busch recalled. “When I got close, I was like, okay I’ve got to try more and pounce at an opportunity and just overheated the tires and smoked them in three laps and that was it. Disappointing, obviously, come out here and win the pole, and lead laps, run up front. The finish goes green and it’s not chaotic and we can’t win, so it sucks.”

It’s not all bad news for Kyle Busch.

Kyle Busch Says His Son ‘Winning More Than Me’ Lately

Even though this race was an exhibition, that doesn’t change the fact these drivers are always competitive. Also, there was quite a bit of money up for grabs. So, Kyle Busch was genuinely upset about not being able to close out the race.

However, it wasn’t all bad news for the NASCAR star.

“Congratulations to my son (Brexton),” the driver continued in his post-race interview. “He won yesterday. That’s cool. I was trying to match him. He’s winning more than me these days, so somebody better send him a contract.”

While the Busch family won’t be bringing home more than one trophy from the weekend, it is awesome that Kyle Busch has his son racing in those box stock indoor meets. Those things look like a ton of fun, especially for a young kid. Maybe at Daytona, dad can match Brexton and get some hardware for himself.