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NASCAR: Kyle Busch Parks His Car at Garage Entrance, Storms Off After Wrecking at Darlington

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

So, Kyle Busch lined up for Darlington today while awaiting the birth of his new baby and before the end of Stage 2, he’s already a DNF. It wasn’t a great moment for Busch today. The two-time Cup Series champion had a similar incident last year at Darlington. It appears that it might have affected his decision to stop early this year. In 2021, he drove all the way to the garage and received a $50,000 fine from NASCAR.

Brad Keselowski and his penalty-hit team were hoping for a good result today. So was Busch and his team. However, the No. 6 got away from him, and in the process of wrecking, he took out the No. 18 front driver side tire rod. No more left turns for that car today.

It was an immediate decision for Kyle Busch to get off the Darlington track. The caution flag came in as the field was getting ready to end the stage. However, it was what happened when Busch drove off the track that had people scratching their heads. Clint Bowyer didn’t like what he saw.

These incidents happen. Drivers get frustrated, but it did seem strange that Busch didn’t take the car all the way in. That is until you remember what happened last season at the same track. Busch has been around the sport a long time and should have probably taken his car into the garage on his own power if he could. However, you can’t blame him for not wanting to cross the area that the infield and spectators come through.

The Lady in Black is a wicked mistress. She doesn’t have sympathy or mercy for anyone out there. Even Kyle Busch can’t escape Darlington.

Kyle Busch DNFs at Darlington Joining Keselowski and Larson

Now, if you want a silver lining for the No. 18, it’s this. Coming into today, you’re ranked 4th in the points standing. You have a win and three top-5 finishes on the season. And, drivers like Keselowski and Larson who are experienced and talented have also met the same fate. So, it’s not an awful result. You might get jumped by Ross Chastain or Martin Truex Jr. in the standings, but that’s alright.

Kyle Busch did explain his cations at Darlington, though.

It doesn’t all have to happen at once. Competing in NASCAR means taking your lumps and bruises as they come. Literally and metaphorically. When you go to a track like Darlington, then you have to expect something big and bad to happen to someone. And, that could very well be any car on the track.

So, Kyle Busch is done for the day early at Darlington. However, I’m sure that he and his wife Samantha have their minds on bigger things like the birth of their new baby any day now.