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NASCAR: Kyle Busch Wins His Bet Against Chandler Smith After Zane Smith Wins Trucks Race at COTA

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Ahead of the NASCAR weekend at COTA, Kyle Busch and his KBM Truck Series driver Chandler Smith had a friendly bet. Whichever driver finished the lowest had to go on windshield duty for the KBM team. After a big race that had some interesting results towards the end, the results are official and it was the master and not the apprentice that came out on top this time.

Chandler Smith has had a great season this year in the Truck Series. He won the Las Vegas race and beat his boss back then. However, today it just wasn’t in the cards for the young 19-year-old. Instead, Zane Smith in his Ford took the checkered flag.

Busch, just like he did in Las Vegas, finished 3rd in the race. Down in 5th, just behind him was Smith in the No. 18. So, it looks like we are going to see Chandler cleaning the glass for the entire KBM team. While it isn’t the worst punishment, it has to sting to lose after calling your boss out on Twitter.

This race went into double overtime. That’s a mad dash with a mad dash after. So, things got heated and a little intense. Alex Bowman was also stepping down for this race before the Cup Series on Sunday. By the end of the race, he found himself in 25th place.

The Truck Series is absolutely great right now. There is a lot of young talent throughout the various series in NASCAR. Between what we’ve seen in the Cup and Xfinity Series, fans should be absolutely excited about the future of NASCAR. This week it was Zane Smith in the front, but next week it could be just about anybody.

Kyle Busch Takes Chandler Smith Down and Prepares for Cup Series Race

With the Trucks Series race over, Kyle Busch took down Chandler Smith and has his eyes on the Cup Series. That’s the race that he really cares about. After getting some extra laps on the track, he hopes to improve on his position in the standings and score some much-needed points.

“I think the car is fine. We are all trying to figure it out and learn what it potentially is and what it is that makes it go fast, what the knobs are that you need to turn at particular places,” Busch said to the media after qualifying. “I feel like we’ve had decent speed everywhere we’ve been except Phoenix.”

COTA is another race to make a top-5 finish or better. Those are so important moving forward. This is just the sixth race of the year, but every week is important when it comes to playoff standings. Busch fully expects to be racing in the postseason, which means racing well week in and week out. Will this be another Las Vegas-type performance for the driver?