NASCAR: Kyle Larson, Alex Bowman Open Up About Hendrick Motorsports Meeting

by Jonathan Howard

After the physical finish on the track, the NASCAR world had questions. Now, we know a little about that Hendrick Motorsports competition meeting. Each Monday, or at least the beginning of the week, teams tend to have meetings like this. However, with Kyle Larson bumping teammate Chase Elliott a bit on the final restart, there were some other topics being discussed.

NASCAR fans know that a team like Hendrick Motorsports isn’t going to air their dirty laundry. They keep things under wraps and try to not let leaks happen. So, Larson and Elliott kept it cordial while at The Glen. While we won’t know what happened exactly at that meeting, we now know a few things.

Larson Listened at Hendrick Meeting

There were a number of Cup Series drivers at Martinsville for some test runs. Larson opened up about the meeting and what his role was in it all.

“I wish things would have, I guess, played out differently and Monday would have been a lot better for me,” the No. 5 driver said. “It was productive. In the end, it was positive to have that talk. I’m ready to just move on from it and look forward to Daytona and on into the playoffs.

“One thing is for sure, we all like to win. We try really hard to do that. In the end, I probably should have a little more respect next time.”

Alex Bowman Comments

Of course, Alex Bowman was just a third party to this Hendrick team meeting drama. Or lack thereof, I guess. From his perspective, it’s just what happens when competitive drivers race. They just happen to be teammates.

“I think the four of us work really well together, and you know, I think I’m pretty close friends with all three of them. I’m appreciative of that and the hard work that goes on between the four team. Glad that I, knock on wood, haven’t had some of those tougher conversations, but I think strength comes out of that stuff. We’re all working towards the same thing and in the same direction.

“Things on the race track are bound to happen when you have, in that scenario, two of the best guys on road courses restarting out front racing for wins. You do it enough times, eventually, something is going to happen.”

The NASCAR Cup Series regular season is coming to an end this Saturday at Daytona. There likely won’t be any more teammate drama out of the No. 5 or the No. 9. So, fans can put that out of their minds. Rick Hendrick doesn’t let rivalries last, even when they’re not in his own team.

We’ll have the full playoffs picture after Daytona. What do you think will happen, Outsiders?