NASCAR: Kyle Larson Says Ross Chastain Has a ‘Two Page List’ of Enemies

by Jonathan Howard

Even though the NASCAR Cup Series has a number of great storylines. But even Kyle Larson knows what everyone is thinking about. Ross Chastain. Most importantly, the run-ins that he’s had with other drivers. Larson has stayed back a bit this season and definitely doesn’t have the same number of wins he did at this time last year. So, he watches all of this unfold.

We have seen Ross Chastain battle it out with Denny Hamlin. He’s pissed off Kyle Busch most recently. There have been many others as well. What can you do? Larson was asked about Chastain recently and how he sees it playing out in the postseason.

“Yes, Ross has like a two-page list of guys it seems like. So, I know … Yeah it’s the Cup Series we’ve seen it in the past. People will make life tough on you. But he does a good job. Even when he gets into issues with other drivers in the race he still recovers from it really well.

“But I feel like that can only last so long. So, I don’t know, it’ll be a cool little storyline to follow throughout the playoffs. He’s had probably the fastest car most weekends and he and his team and his pit crew have all done a really good job. So, in my opinion, I think they’re the … if they didn’t have people mad at them I think they’d be the championship favorite.”

I just don’t see a chance that Ross Chastain makes it through each playoff race unscathed.

Is Aggression a Pro or Con for Ross Chastain?

While talking to the media, Kyle Larson also talked about Ross Chastain’s racing style. There’s no doubt that he drives aggressively. Fast around every corner every time, almost like a NASCAR simulator or video game. It’s just how he does things in his early career.

Someone else used to be the same way…

“His aggression has gotten him to this point, right? He’s been very aggressive and it’s gotten him some good finishes and some wins and stuff. I think you see too, with like a Brad Keselowski, [and] I would say that Brad and Ross remind me a lot of each other. I didn’t get to race with Brad, obviously, early in his career, but I feel like he had a lot of guys not enjoying racing with him early on in his career and he kinda had to figure that out. Now, I don’t picture Brad as being an aggressive type of driver at all.”

Still, Chastain likely won’t change any time soon. He’ll have to hope he keeps getting lucky if he wants to hoist that Bill France Cup above his head.

“Ross has had a lot of success being aggressive. And I think the way the Next-Gen cars are and the way the sport, really of racing in all forms has progressed, I think you have to have that aggression. Maybe to a point, and I know a lot of the times it’s been mistakes and stuff … I think it’s good, his aggression’s good, but in a 10-race playoff – maybe not.