NASCAR: Kyle Larson to Start at the Rear of the Ruoff Mortgage 500 Field Due to Unapproved Adjustments

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Some bad news for NASCAR driver Kyle Larson. He is starting at the back of the field after his team made unapproved adjustments.

NASCAR has been very serious about these issues. Failing inspections, losing wheels during a race, and making unapproved adjustments ahead of the big day… that’s all going to be punished to the full extent. The Next Gen cars are giving some teams fits, but that doesn’t mean anyone is going to get off easy.

The No. 5 team let fans know over on Twitter.

“Due to unapproved adjustments to address steering issue, [Kyle Larson] will start at the rear of the field on Sunday,” the short statement said.

So, once again NASCAR has Kyle Larson in the back of the field. Fans will remember the last time this happened very well because it happened just two weeks ago. Before the Auto Club 400, there was a similar issue. Larson was put in the back of the field to start out and worked his way up and took the win.

So, if you’re a fan of No. 5 then this might come as good news. If Larson is able to work his way up over the course of the Ruoff Mortgage 500, then it will be another power move. Usually, you want to start as close to the front as possible. However, the race will be long and there will be plenty of time to play catch up. When you’re the reigning regular-season and Cup Series Playoffs champ, then you can do things like that.

Larson’s team was put into a tough position. With a steering issue after the qualifying laps, something had to be done. Either start in the back or don’t race at all. Easy choice to make there.

Why NASCAR’s Kyle Larson Thinks he Will Repeat as Champ

After the NASCAR season that Kyle Larson had last year, it isn’t hard to imagine he and his team feel confident. Recently, there were a few drivers that talked about why they think they might win the Cup Series this year in 2022. Larson chipped in his thoughts.

“Because we have an amazing race team. I believe we have one of if not the best racing team out there,” Larson said. His Hendrick Motorsports teammate, Chase Elliott chimed in as well. “Our group has really just taken this car as an opportunity to be better,” he said about the Next Gen models. “Our group has done a good job of identifying what matters with this car and at least be able to get the ball rolling in the right direction.”

Hendrick Motorsports already has two wins on the season. Larson took the Auto Club 400 and Alex Bowman just won last week in Las Vegas.