NASCAR: Kyle Larson’s Wild Weekend of Travel Between California Sprint Car Win and Phoenix

by Taylor Cunningham

NASCAR great Kyle Larson had a quick and victorious weekend while sweeping the competition on tracks in both California and Phoenix.

The 29-year-old driver wanted to hit Thunderbowl Raceway and Phoenix Raceway back to back to back. So he made some wild plans to make it happen.

Here’s how the whirlwind weekend went. On Friday afternoon, Larson landed in Tulare, CA. He then finished in third place during the World of Outlaws Feature. After, he immediately headed back to the airport and took a plane to AZ.

On Saturday around noon, the driver qualified 7th in Phoenix. Then he hopped on another plane to Tulare and won World of Outlaws late that night. Once he grabbed his trophy, Kyle Larson went right back to Phoenix.

Now, Larson is waiting to compete in the NASCAR Cup Series. At 12:30 pm, he’ll get back on the track with Team Hendrick.

How Larson pulled all that off in such a short time, we’ll never know. Just reading about it makes us exhausted.

Kyle Larson Wins in California then Heads Right Back to Hopefully Get Another Win in the Phoenix NASCAR Series

In less than two days, the #5 Hendricks Motorsports driver marked his first Sprint Car win of 2022 and his first-ever World of Outlaws triumph. The latter gave the Calfornia native his fifth Series win in his home state.

“Central California fans are some of the best in the country,” Larson told the crowd after his Tulare win. “I always love getting to race in front of these people, especially at places I grew up at. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, but it was technical and kind of old school the way I remember Tulare. This is amazing. I owe a huge thank you to Jason Finley, Kevin Kozlowski, Paul Silva, Cliff Daniels, a lot of people who made this weekend happen. We’ve still got one more win to chase tomorrow.”

To make the whirlwind weekend possible, Kyle Larson used Jason Finley’s plane, Paul Silva’s wrench, Kevin Kozlowski’s Sprint Car. And, of course, he got Cliff Daniels’ approval.

Today (March 13th), Larson will jump back into his Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and start at the rear of the field for the NASCAR Cup race in Pheonix.

The starting position comes after Larson’s team had to make “unapproved adjustments to address a steering issue” following his 7th place finish on Saturday.

However, Larson is still considered the favorite to win today. Because the last time he hit the Phoenix raceway, he not only won the race, but he also went home as the Series champion.