NASCAR: Landon Cassill Talks About His Unconventional Comeback

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Back in 2009, a 19-year-old Landon Cassill was suffering a crushing disappointment. Thanks to the strain the Great Recession placed on NASCAR and its sponsors, the young driver was left without a vehicle. Despite his misfortune, however, he refused to accept defeat. Instead, Landon Cassill carved out a new path for himself – that led straight back to the big time.

Where did he find this new path, you ask? On the internet, of course. In an interview with CBS Sports, Landon Cassill went into the details of his strategy. “If you intend to have success, you’ve got to have an edge I guess,” the driver said. “And so the easiest way I think I’ve always found to have an edge is by just playing a field that your competitors are not playing in.”

Cassill said that social media not only played a valuable role in his comeback but also allowed him to build a unique connection with his fans. “I think I just kind of was comfortable expressing myself on social media platforms, and also maybe early on felt comfortable with the social rules of social media,” Cassill continued. “So it was just kind of another way to express myself and communicate with fans directly too.”

“I mean, that’s what’s amazing about social media. Replying to somebody or acknowledging their post or having a short conversation with them on social media is just as exciting and just as valuable as seeing them in-person.”

Landon Cassill Discusses Connections to Cryptocurrency

While creating a thriving social media presence, Landon Cassill discovered cryptocurrency. He became so interested in the new frontier that he not only invested in crypto but gained a sponsorship from Voyager, a crypto trading app. This leap of faith paid off in spades, as Voyager helped bring Cassill to Kaulig Racing.

“I think that maybe is part of my personality of just going where other people are not,” Cassill said regarding his experience with cryptocurrency. “The crypto stuff is something I’m really proud of and really happy to have, because I’ve been working on it for many years. This isn’t something that just popped up last year. It’s something that I started working on back in 2018 in terms of the networking, and then even before that in terms of my personal investment in crypto.”

“But the networking and the relationship-building side of crypto,” the driver continued. “For me, [it’s] been something I’ve been building since 2018, 2019. It’s really paying off, and I can’t be more proud of that.”

Cassill has only one Top 10 finish under his belt this year. However, he’s taking the steps necessary to achieve major success in the future. “I can’t really control the results,” Cassill said. “But what I can control is the work that I put in and the process and just the preparation, and trust in that as long as I keep everything that I can control to the best of my ability, do everything to the best of my ability, the results are gonna come.”