NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Podcast to Make TV Debut This Week: What to Know

by Jonathan Howard

This week the Dale Earnhardt Jr. podcast, Dale Jr Download will be making its television debut and we have the info you need.

Since he started his podcast, Dale Jr. has been giving fans a unique and exciting look into the world of NASCAR. The Hall of Fame driver hosts the show along with Mike Davis and this week they were able to share some great news with their fans. This might end up being more than it seems. We’re very excited.

What You Need to Know:

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. is taking his podcast to Peacock this Thursday, March 17
  • The show has over 370+ episodes and will feature Austin Cindric for the first TV episode
  • Dale Jr. has expressed interest in expanding his podcast network
  • The TV version of his podcast will be shortened to 30 minutes

Those that are regular listeners of the Dale Jr. Download podcast will be able to catch it like you always do. So, don’t worry. This is just going to be a new avenue for fans to catch the show and support it.

“I’m happy to report that this week’s episode is going to be on Peacock,” Mike Davis said on the last episode.

“You can go to Peacock and you can start watching. You can start watching all our past stuff but you can watch new episodes this week,” Earnhardt Jr. explained. “We have been recording the episodes his year that we’ve been doing up to this point. So those could make TV as well.”

That’s a year’s worth of content that could be popping up soon on Peacock. With the new format, this should be able to help Earnhardt Jr.’s other ambitions. That includes moving into different sports and tackling them the same way he does NASCAR. That could be very interesting, indeed.

“In my mind, I want to create a show or a series of shows outside of motorsports. I would love to work with like a Greg Olsen on a podcast or a show about NFL football,” Dale Jr. said. That would be sure to attract some eyeballs.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Podcast Will be Shorter on Peacock

For those that might not be able to fit all of Dale Jr.’s show into their regular routine, this is great news for you. While a usual episode of the podcast runs for about 90 minutes or so, you can catch the Peacock version in just 30 minutes. The former driver wanted to emphasize that for fans.

“You’re gonna be missing out on some of the great content if you don’t listen to the whole thing.”

More Dale Jr., the better, we say Outsiders. What do you think will be next from the legendary driver?