NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr Reveals Hilarious Story About Daughter’s First Cuss Word

by Matthew Memrick

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. daughter’s cuss word story is making the rounds Friday and it’s a pretty funny one.

The current NASCAR broadcaster mostly retired from racing. But the 47-year-old dad is enjoying family life these days. Sure, cuss words in the South are sometimes unavoidable. But they’re also times for learning moments.

Well, Junior told the world a Friday morning story about his older daughter’s cuss word. The Earnhardts are trying to stay good and not say any foul words and the funny moment made it to social media. Junior even posted a meme from the long-running NBC show “The Office.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. And Daughter’s Cuss Word Moment A Podcast?

The NASCAR Hall of Famer said his wife, Amy, impressed him that he needed to be “more careful” around kids with cuss words.

He said he feels fortunate that his young girls haven’t repeated his cuss words. But Amy, on the other hand, got bit by saying “hell.” 

“Amy says “hell no” just now, and Isla immediately repeated it about 15 times,” Earnhardt Jr. said in his Tweet.

Dad took a small victory lap over the moment, adding that “Isla’s first cuss word wasn’t daddy’s!”

Hopefully, Mrs. Earnhardt doesn’t see his daughter’s cuss word. Or she posts something equally embarrassing about her husband.

Social Media Laughs Along With Junior’s Story

After the former full-time racer told his story, NASCAR and non-racing fans shared the cussing joy

Fox Sports reporter Shannon Spake shared her own story.

“My son once told my other son to “get the f*** out of the way” while we were checking out at the Dollar Store,” Spake replied. “My husband was in big trouble.”

Former NASCAR racer Elliott Sadler added, “Nothing wrong with cuss words … just the tone they used in ……. Lol.”

Another driver, Brad Keselowski, shared a YouTube video called “Marriage Logic Map of “SHE” is always “RIGHT.” I guess we know where he stands on this argument.

The Earnhardts’ Vodka Venture Off The Ground And Running

Recently, the Earnhardts shared their side project of a vodka line. Why vodka? It’s something, Junior said, they chose together.

The couple’s doing ok after Junior’s long-racing career but interested in getting involved with other businesses. Sure, they have JR Motorsports, but it doesn’t hurt to diversify for his children’s future. 

“It’s just trying to find something that is best long-term that we can share with our kids and multiple generations,” Earnhardt Jr. told Front Office Sports. “Amy and I are in a position where we really don’t have to work, and we’re in a pretty good situation financially, but I want to go beyond that and present opportunities for our kids to have involvement in businesses as they become adults.” 

Junior said he was already a vodka fan, so teaming up with Sugarlands Distilling was a natural choice.