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NASCAR: Listen to Austin Cindric’s Historic Daytona 500 Win on His Radio

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Part of every NASCAR driver‘s extensive list of gear is a headset and microphone. Each driver relies on his or her team manager, crew chief, and spotter for guidance throughout the entirety of every competition. This glimpse into the experience of NASCAR drivers has led to some hilarious clips, but it also allows fans to listen in when the big moments happen. When Austin Cindric captured the win in the Daytona 500, fans were not only able to watch but listen to his heartwarming reaction as well.

The majority of the 2-minute video clip posted to the NASCAR Twitter page is Cindric’s crew chief, Jeremy Bullins, giving the driver guidance in the final stretch of the race. After helping Cindric block Ryan Blaney, however, Bullins prepares for victory. With expert calmness considering what he’s witnessing, Bullins watches his driver take first-place in the Daytona 500 and says, “Checkers. Yes. You did it.”

The radio goes silent for a few moments, Austin Cindric processing what it meant to cross the finish line before the other racers. Suddenly, Cindric’s voice breaks through the silence. Voice cracking with exhilarated screams, Cindric exclaims, “THE DAYTONA 500! HOLY CRAP! YES! I love you guys! Holy cow!”

Seconds before ripping his victory burnout, Cindric jokes, “I hope y’all don’t need this motor.” As he had just won the Daytona 500 for himself and his team, we doubt the pit crew would’ve cared if he ripped the motor out of the vehicle with his bare hands and hurled it across the field.

Austin Cindric Celebrates Win With His Team

Watching the above clip, you get to experience every ounce of excitement with Cindric as he crosses the finish line. What you don’t see, however, is the reaction of his pit crew. Luckily, NASCAR thought of that as well.

In an adorable video posted to the NASCAR Twitter page, Austin Cindric‘s pit crew celebrates his victory. Dancing, jumping, shouting, and hugging, the pit crew couldn’t be happier for their team and their talented driver.

You can feel the electricity in the video, and Austin Cindric felt it too. In a response to the video of his pit crew’s celebration, Cindric said, “This is by far the best thing I’ve seen from yesterday. Can’t describe how happy watching this makes me.”

The rookie Cup Series driver, who racked up an impressive five wins last year, was on cloud nine by the time he made it Victory Lane. “Definitely a good time to collect my thoughts and just appreciate the moment there for a minute,” Cindric says. “To be able to do this in front of a sellout crowd, to be able to do this in general, to be able to be part of this race, having a shot… It’s a racer’s dream. So many people get close to it, and I feel very grateful and very proud to be able to pull it off.”