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NASCAR Makes Decision on Use of Camaro After Chevy Discontinues the Model

by Jonathan Howard
Alex Bowman Chevy Camaro NASCAR
(Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

So, if Chevrolet is going to stop making the Camaro in January 2024, what does that mean for NASCAR? It is interesting, and a little complicated. Long story short, it won’t really matter if Chevy doesn’t want it to matter. However, change feels imminent.

It isn’t often that a situation like this comes up. Chevy discontinuing the Camaro is going to have some kind of effect on NASCAR. But there are more options than it appears. Like most NASCAR fans that have questions, one fan went to the man himself, Bob Pockrass.

The Fox Sports NASCAR expert at first said that Chevy would have until after 2024 to decide. However, after looking at the rules and how NASCAR interprets them, it could be even further than that.

The Camaro could be raced in Cup and Xfinity Series beyond 2024 if they want.

This is where the electric versus combustion engine argument is going to pop up. This is going to cause a few arguments among fans and NASCAR lovers, really. It wouldn’t make sense for Chevy to use a model in NASCAR that they don’t make anymore.

So, what is the next step? Well, until Chevy comes down and makes a statement, we won’t know. However, there are a few different things that could theoretically happen.

NASCAR After the Camaro

The thing about the Chevy Camaro and NASCAR question is that it isn’t just Chevy. If we want to really open up the book of possibilities, then this is GM’s decision to make. Or it would seem. I don’t know why they would move away from the iconic brand that is Chevy, but the long (and I mean astronomical) odds would be a swap from GM itself.

Now, let’s get back to reality. Chevy has a chance to make a pivot here to electric or whatever the next generation is going to be. I’m not sure that NASCAR is ready to make that switch. But then again, Toyota and Joe Gibbs Racing already have an all-electric Cup car they use to practice pit stops with.

Maybe we’ll see Hendrick Motorsports and others in Chevy Bolts in 2026, I just don’t know. The next few years of NASCAR will be very interesting, Camaro or not. This is a time of change and growth in the sport, and this is just another example of that.