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NASCAR: Matt Kenseth, Tim Brewer Lead Hall of Fame Class of 2023 Ballot

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

The NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2023 ballot added some new names recently. Matt Kenseth and Tim Brewer are on the Modern Era Ballot. Kenseth, the 2003 Cup Series champion, has been added to the list in his first year of eligibility. In total, Kenseth was able to win 39 races during his career. Brewer, another modern legend, is a two-time Cup Series champion crew chief.

These aren’t the only two names that were added to the ballot, either. Voters will also see Sam Ard and A.J. Foyt under the Pioneer Ballot, NASCAR announced today. These two legends may have not had the most successful careers on the track compared to others, but their contributions to the sport are beyond racing.

HOF 2023

  • NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2023 ballots had four new names added
  • Those names are Matt Kenseth, Tim Brewer, Sam Ard, and A.J. Foyt
  • Nominees for the Landmark Award were also announced
  • Voting for the Class of 2023 begins May 4

When voting is done, there will be two inductees picked from the Modern Era Ballot and one inductee from the Pioneer Ballot. All are deserving of recognition in some way. However, only a few will be chosen.

On both of these ballots, there are names that are more than deserving of a spot in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Those names like Jeff Burton, Matt Kenseth, and Carl Edwards are the names of my early memories of NASCAR. Then you have a guy like Harry Hyde, and this fellow Kentuckian would love to see him in the hall. Not to mention, he inspired the character of Harry Hogge for Days of Thunder.

That’s just the Modern Era Ballot, too.

Of course, there are the names for the Landmark Award and all of those are deserving as well. Janet Guthrie was the first woman to drive in the Daytona 500. She was the first person to do a lot in the sport of stock car racing.

NASCAR Hall of Fame 2023 Ballots Don’t Disappoint

The sport of NASCAR is trying to stick the landing between honoring the past and diversifying the sport for new audiences. However, that doesn’t have to be separate whatsoever. Just take Guthrie and her story for example. She’s a hall of fame member in other major institutions such as the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. She would be an outstanding recipient of the Landmark Award and should be in the NASCAR HOF as well.

NASCAR has a rich history and there are little stories and pockets like Guthrie and others that are waiting to be revisited. Hopefully, we see more of these icons of the past honored in the future. Let’s get those untold stories told!