NASCAR: Multi-Car Accident on Lap 25 Takes Kyle Busch Out of FireKeepers Casino 400

by Dustin Schutte

Kyle Busch’s day at Michigan International Speedway ended prematurely. The driver’s afternoon at the FireKeepers Casino 400 came to a crashing halt on Lap 25 because of a multi-car accident.

A total of nine cars were involved in the crash that occurred on Lap 25 on Sunday. The accident took four drivers out of the race entirely — Busch, Austin Cindric, Aric Almirola and Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

A photo of Busch’s car made its way to Twitter following the accident:

Busch entered Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race as one of the favorites to take the checkered flag. He, along with Chase Elliott, were among the top of the list to win at Michigan International Speedway.

Weather delayed the start of the FireKeepers Casino 400 by approximately one hour. While rain could still be in the forecast, there’s hope that the race can be completed before nightfall in Michigan.

Unfortunately for Busch and the other three drivers, they won’t get a chance to cross the finish line.

A Scary Week for Kyle Busch

Sunday’s wreck and early exit will certainly be a disappointment for Kyle Busch. But the situation at Michigan International Speedway pales in comparison to what Busch and his family endured earlier in the week.

Busch and his family were inside Mall of America when gunshots were fired inside the massive shopping center. Everyone escaped without injury, but the situation was frightening, nonetheless.

Samantha, Busch’s wife, issued a statement on Instagram, saying everyone in the family, including 7-year-old Brexton, escaped without injury.

“If you are seeing the news about the @mallofamerica we got out and are safe. Praying others inside are too.”

After the shooting, Samantha sent out another message via Instagram.

“We were at the [Mall of America] yesterday when a shooting happened. We had been spending the afternoon riding the rides in the center of the mall and then the girls split up to shop while the boys stayed for more rides,” she wrote.

“Then chaos ensued. I was standing at the entrance of H&M which is on floor 1 when I heard screaming from above. A group of people were running and yelling. My brain instantly thought it was just teenagers being goofy and then a split second later herds of people on levels 2 and 3 were running. Next a wave of people started down our corridor and that’s when I heard people shouting ‘active shooter in the mall.’

“You know the logical thing to do is run out the doors but with Kyle and Brexton still somewhere inside I froze where I was. Thank God when I called Kyle he answered as he and Brex were next in line for a ride and they didn’t know what was happening.”