How NASCAR Found a New Use for Windshield Wipers

by Joe Rutland

NASCAR drivers find a way to use windshield wipers in a most interesting way. This is especially true for the road-course races. They were put into use on Sunday at COTA near Austin, Texas. So, what’s the deal here? The race was run under beautiful Central Texas blue skies. Why in the world are windshield wipers necessary?

NASCAR Drivers Using Windshield Wipers In Different Way

It is mandatory yet teams don’t have to use the blade. Like the track was dry, OK. A much different situation than the 2021 flood that hit COTA. That year, the NASCAR cars had those wipers to clear away rain. Well, teams have found ways to use them as aerodynamic devices.

See, this helps direct the flow of air over the body of a car by parking them at an angle in a vertical position. Some teams come up with interesting, effective ways of making this work. Joe Gibbs Racing and Team Penske cover their wipers in boxes to enhance the effect.

Is this OK according to NASCAR rules? Well, the rule book says that this box can be no larger than 1.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches high. A few cars might be pushing the limit there. Another stipulation is that it cannot extend beyond the windshield itself at any point in its sweep. We get more about the windshield wiper saga from Fox News.

Items Are Going Back Into Storage For Now But Will Come Back

The teams are keeping information to themselves about the effectiveness of these boxes. One thing is certain, though. Wipers are headed back to storage for the next few months. They will come back out when the next road race happens. It all goes down when the Cup Series visits Sonoma Raceway in June.

One of the things to watch out for besides the windshield wipers is the Next Gen cars themselves. They are all the rage, if you will, this season on the NASCAR Cup Series. But the tweaking that has been done for this season is worth paying attention to for drivers and teams.

You don’t want to run afoul of the NASCAR bosses with these cars because they will get you. Brad Keselowski has learned the tough lesson of having some of the things inside the car that are adjusted. Yes, the NASCAR driver has appealed the penalty and ruling that affects his team and his car. It’ll be interesting to see what does happen in regards to the appeal.

Some teams also might find a way to use windshield wipers differently this season. What are the ways that they might use them on the road courses? We will have to wait and see until later this year.