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NASCAR: Reason for Brad Keselowski’s Serious Penalty Still Remains Unknown

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Following the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 NASCAR Cup Series race, NASCAR officials slammed Brad Keselowski and his team with a severe penalty for modifying a standardized part. Though his punishment didn’t quite break the record for stiffest penalty of all time, it came close. The illegal modification cost RFK Racing 100 driver points, 100 owner points, 10 playoff points, and $100,000 in fines.

What to Know:

  • Brad Keselowski received a harsh penalty following the NASCAR FOH QuikTrip 500
  • Due to a modified part, Keselowski was docked 100 points and fined $100K
  • NASCAR has yet to give any more details regarding the nearly record-breaking penalty

NASCAR Stays Quiet About Brad Keselowski’s Penalty

Back in 2007, NASCAR handed Michael Waltrip a 100 point and $100,000 penalty. When this happened, the organization was very specific regarding the cause. Waltrip stood accused of cheating, coating the inside of his stock car engine with an illegal substance believed to be a component of jet fuel.

With Brad Keselowski, NASCAR has been far less forthcoming. Though NASCAR officials did say the crushing L2-level penalty was a result of “the modification of a single source supplied part,” they haven’t yet divulged the specific part modified.

Now, this isn’t necessarily unusually secretive of NASCAR. The RFK Racing team still has an open appeal with the organization, making the lack of details a little more understandable.

That said, NASCAR fans are desperate to learn the full story, especially those rooting for Brad Keselowski. Heading into the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Keselowski sat at a comfortable 14th position in the points standings. Following the enormous penalty, however, Keselowski dropped all the way to 35th place.

NASCAR Drivers Comment on Brad Keselowski Penalty

Ahead of this Sunday’s EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix, Keselowski’s former teammate, Joey Logano, told FOX that what happened to the No. 6 team terrified him and the other drivers.

“I’m pretty sure it scares the hell out of everyone,” Logano said. “[NASCAR] said they were gonna put their foot down. We don’t know what it was or what happened, but we do know the penalty was huge. I don’t know…we know we probably shouldn’t screw around.”

Though the penalty put Brad Keselowski’s playoff chances in serious jeopardy, the RFK Racing co-owner hasn’t given up hope. “It’s not crippling,” Keselowski said after his qualifying round at COTA. “We’re going to get out of this what we make of it. And we can use this as a moment to drown in our own tears or get stronger and be better. I’m committed to the latter of the two.”