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NASCAR Rep Says There Was ‘Zero Excuse’ For Leaving Spencer Boyd Wrecked at Las Vegas

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

What happened in Las Vegas? That’s what so many NASCAR fans are trying to figure out when it comes to what happened late in another NASCAR Camping Series race over the weekend. Now, though, a NASCAR rep has said there was “zero excuse” for leaving Spencer Boyd wrecked at Las Vegas.

It was a scary scene last weekend for Boyd. With only a few laps left to go, Boyd crashed. He hit the wall and remained there until after a winner was declared. There was no caution flag given after Boyd’s crash and a lot of fans were upset about what happened.

Boyd said after the fact, “I’ve never really gotten hurt before. When I hit the inside wall, I was like, ‘Woah,’ not really sure what happened.” he continued, “I know someone got into my right rear and I was just kind of saving it down through the infield. Once you get into the dust, it took off. I didn’t break my arm, but I did dislocate my shoulder. It was hard to get out of the truck with one arm.”

NASCAR’s Response to Spencer Boyd Wreck

He dislocated his shoulder from the accident. Elton Sawyer went on SiriusXM Radio and said, “We have to own that as the sanctioning body. We had meetings post-event to look at our process and procedure and what we need to do to be better. We have more meetings (Tuesday) to put more process in place to make sure that never, ever happens again.”

It’s clear NASCAR is aware of the mess-up here. It was a dangerous scene that could have been much worse had another driver run into Boyd while his car was wrecked against the wall. That was a possibility, even with little time left in the race. A similar situation happened with Bubba Wallace who narrowly avoided a catastrophic wreck with Erik Jones late in the Pennzoil 400 on Sunday night.

There was another wreck involved in the chaos as well before Boyd. Jordan Anderson said of his wreck, “…just trying to survive and I think we were en route to probably a nice top-20. We didn’t have a scratch on it.” He concluded, “One wrecks off turn 2, one wrecks on the backstretch, John Hunter is in the middle of the track and I don’t know why NASCAR decided not to throw a caution. It happened two or three times tonight. I guess they just didn’t think it was necessary to throw a caution with cars all over the track.”

Clearly, there is some frustration and confusion in regards to the caution flag issues in NASCAR right now. Still, it could have been a much worse scenario for Boyd when he found himself in that spot, but it did not go that way.